Paulina Krupińska critically about changes in TVP. “The government was supposed to ensure that there would be no divisions in Poland”

Paulina Krupińska critically about changes in TVP.  "The government was supposed to ensure that there would be no divisions in Poland"

The host of “Dzień Dobry TVN” commented on the changes in Telewizja Polska. It turned out that Paulina Krupińska was not thrilled with them.

In recent weeks, Telewizja Polska has seen many layoffs and transfers from various stations. It is worth recalling that Paulina Krupińska made a similar move a few years earlier. The model had her own series in “Pytanie na breakfast”, and from March 2020 she became the host of “Dzień Dobry TVN”. Now she spoke about changes in TVP.

Paulina Krupińska about changes in “Question for Breakfast”

As a result of the changes at TVP, all the current hosts of “Pytania na breakfast” lost their jobs, which now results in a decline in viewership of the Polish Television’s morning program and criticism from viewers. Although it might seem that this fact should make the employees of the competitive “Dzień Dobry TVN” happy, this is not the case. Paulina Krupińska gave an interview to “Plejada”, in which she admitted that she was surprised by what happened at the station after the Civic Coalition took power.

– I must admit that it was a big surprise for me. I know that many people have already commented on this topic, that it was a very big shock, because the new government and the votes that were cast for the new round, for the coalition that was created, were supposed to make it finally possible in Poland Normally, there will be no “us, you, them” divisions, and yet some of these people, the entire crew of “Pytania na breakfast” and other TV programs, who, according to some person, were associated with a given party, were fired – said Paulina Krupińska.

Later in the conversation, the former model emphasized that she was surprised by the whole situation, because breakfast programs usually do not discuss political topics – the recent exception is TVN, which introduced a new series. — This is a program that accompanies people when they start their mornings, when they are getting ready for work, for school, when mothers are feeding their children, sometimes men are also watching us, but most of them are women and there is not much politics there. We have had such a permanent element of the program as “news” for about half a year and there is some politics there, but it is not my favorite element of the program, because I tried not to comment on political issues, because politics always divides, and I am from to connect, she said.

Paulina Krupińska added that she was sure that Katarzyna Dowbor would be perfect in the role of the host of “Questions for Breakfast”, while she was a strong supporter of Robert Stockinger, who until recently was her colleague from the editorial office. — We lost a fantastic journalist, Robert Stockinger. I remember writing him this message: ‘Robert, congratulations, a well-deserved place for you. I know how much you dreamed about this.” From our friend, he became our competition, but such good competition – she added.

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