Who leads Nikola Grbic's squad? Aleksander Śliwka surprised the fans

Who leads Nikola Grbic's squad?  Aleksander Śliwka surprised the fans

Who is the real captain of Nikola Grbic's team? Aleksander Śliwka doesn't quite consider himself one. The receiver surprised with his statement regarding the role of a leader on the pitch.

Polish volleyball players are approaching the end of the season. The play-offs are already underway in Serie A, while PlusLiga has not started them yet. This means that Nikola Grbic's players, even despite the shortened play-offs, still have a lot of work to do and may arrive at the training camp tired. The Serb has already announced that basic players will be given time off during the first Nations League tournament. Nevertheless, fans still look with concern at every dangerous situation involving important players.

Aleksander Śliwka named the leader of the team

Aleksander Śliwka returned to the game in Grupa Azoty ZAKSIE Kędzierzyn-Koźle after a few months. Paradoxically, the injury to the receiving finger made many people happy because the player had the opportunity to rest physically. If he plays well at the end of the season (the Koziołki are still fighting for promotion to the play-off zone), he may be optimally prepared for the national team season.

Last season, after Bartosz Kurek's injury prevented the Wolfdogs Nagoya attacker from playing, Aleksander Śliwka took over as captain of the team. However, in an interview with the “Strefa Siatkówki” portal, he pointed out that in the case of this team, its function is purely representative. The player born in Zator says that every player plays this role, but number one is “Kuraś”.

– I wouldn't attach much importance to it, because there are many experienced players in the Polish national team and each of them is actually a captain in their own way. I really appreciate this team because it is so conscious and professional that being its captain is limited to the draw before the match, and the rest is just a pleasure. At the very end, I would like to say that it was really only a temporary replacement, and Bartosz Kurek, who is in great shape, will return to the national team and will continue to lead this team as captain, because he has many qualities of a leader – said Śliwka.

Polish volleyball players before the national team season

In the 2024 season, Poles will take part in two tournaments – the Nations League and the Olympic Games.

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