Stefano Lavarini hates it. He didn’t even try to hide his nervousness

Stefano Lavarini hates it.  He didn't even try to hide his nervousness

Stefano Lavarini was clearly bitter after the Poland-Türkiye match in the European Championship. Our volleyball players lost badly, and the coach didn’t even try to hide his bitterness and nervousness. He revealed that there is one thing he can’t stand.

On August 30, the adventure of the Polish national team with the European Women’s Volleyball Championships came to an end. The White and Reds reached the quarterfinals, but the Turkish team turned out to be better there. After the end of the match, Stefano Lavarini gave a short interview to the portal, in which he made no secret of the fact that he was embittered by the defeat and angry about the circumstances in which it occurred.

Stefano Lavarini helpless during the Poland-Türkiye match

The winners of the Nations League showed the Poles their place in the hierarchy of the Old Continent. Even though our volleyball players fought bravely against their rivals, in the end they were not able to tip the scales of victory to their side. And there were opportunities for this – in the first set, the White and Reds were leading 16:12, but lost it anyway, and then this scenario was repeated in the second set, when they lost despite leading 21:18.

It is therefore not surprising that both players – especially Martyna Łukasik and Joanna Wołosz – were frustrated with the course of the match and its final result. Stefano Lavarini has a similar approach, and at times he even felt helpless.

Stefano Lavarini explained why he was angry

– I am pissed. The only thing I don’t like is the moment when I finish competing and regret something. It’s not always about winning or losing. It’s about the feeling of giving your all, not to mention commitment, he said.

According to the Italian, the Polish women should put more pressure on their opponents and play more aggressively in many aspects. – That’s what was needed to compare to a team that played like them. Today we weren’t able to do it personally and as a team. That’s why I feel worse than in the case of an ordinary defeat – explained the coach. He also added that now the task of the staff and players will be primarily to analyze and understand what was done wrong and correct these things. Lavarini thinks there are a lot of them.

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