Demolition at the Pogoń Szczecin stadium. Lech Poznań was brutally defeated

Demolition at the Pogoń Szczecin stadium.  Lech Poznań was brutally defeated

The match between Pogoń Szczecin and Lech Poznań was interesting for fans due to the fact that the fourth and third teams of the Ekstraklasa of the previous season were facing each other. There were many goals in the match in the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, but only the hosts were in a good mood after the final whistle.

Lech Poznań and Pogoń Szczecin are two clubs that qualified for the European cups, but were quickly eliminated. The Port team had a difficult start to the season, but they have been doing great in recent weeks. They proved it by demolishing Kolejorz 5-0. The rivals had nothing to say.

Demolition of Pogoń Szczecin in the first half

The meeting started with the initiative of the hosts. From the first minutes, Jens Gustafsson’s team showed that it was dangerous, and the previous victories over Cracovia (5:1) and Korona Kielce (3:1) were not a coincidence. The players from the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship created actions in the Poznań half and finally achieved their goal in the 16th minute. After a corner kick by Kamil Grosicki, Frederik Ulvestad headed the ball. The ball bounced off the crossbar and fell back onto the playing field, but the referee was informed that the ball had completely missed the pitch line. Biczakhchyan and Koutris had dangerous action for a few minutes.

However, the second goal for Pogoń came in the 34th minute. Ulvestad passed the ball twelve meters to the unattended Gorgon, who with a powerful volley gave the visiting goalkeeper no chance. The VAR decision did not change anything and Pogoń could still enjoy a 2-0 lead. However, they went to the locker room with three goals to spare. Ulvestad made a good move again and found Biczakhchjan. The Armenian ran into the penalty area and scored a goal with a confident shot on the ground. Bartosz Mrozek did not have time to hit the ball. After a few minutes, Krzysztof Jakubik invited both teams for a break.

Lech Poznań defeated in Szczecin

The second half couldn’t have started worse for John van den Brom’s players. Overwhelmed by three goals, they conceded the fourth. In the 47th minute, Koutris made a dangerous shot. Mrozek bounced the ball in front of himself, giving Grosicki an opportunity to score. The Polish representative took advantage of the opportunity and shot into the empty goal with a bang. The pursuit continued in its efforts, but finally Lech took action. Kolejorz’s first successful shot came only in the 58th minute, when Kristoffer Velde shot from the eighteenth meter, forcing Cojocaru to intervene.

A few minutes later, Pogoń could have been leading 5-0. Gorgon passed the ball to Gamboy, who fired a dangerous shot with his head. Miha Blazic made a good intervention. In the 72nd minute, it seemed that Ishak had scored. The Swede put the ball into Pogoń’s goal, but the referees found it offside. Kolejorz sensed a chance for an honorary goal. A few minutes after Ishak, La Boua made a difficult shot. Cojocaru had to make an effort to avoid conceding a goal. However, they did not manage to score even one goal until the end of the match. Lech must return to Poznań with a five-goal defeat, because in the last minute of the match Fornalczyk scored a goal after a one-on-one action.

Pogoń and Lech are fighting in the Ekstraklasa

Thanks to the victory, Pogoń Szczecin already has 15 points, which gives it seventh place in the Ekstraklasa table. Lech Poznań is fourth with 17 points.

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