Paweł Fajdek got fired up again. Robert Lewandowski got it

Paweł Fajdek got fired up again.  Robert Lewandowski got it

The closer we get to choosing the most popular athlete in the “Przegląd Sportowy” plebiscite, the more emotions there will be. Paweł Fajdek decided to add his two cents. The track and field champion briefly commented on the performance of the Polish national football team in 2023.

Robert Lewandowski also got hit in the head. Paweł Fajdek is not convinced that “Lewy” won the Spanish championship last year and became the top scorer in LaLiga in the first season of his stay in the colors of FC Barcelona. The athlete decided to acknowledge the football achievements of Poles in his own style.

Paweł Fajdek harshly about the national team and Robert Lewandowski

Let us remind you that Fajdek is a five-time world champion in hammer throwing. The athlete also won a bronze medal at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo (2021). Fajdek chose as the sports event of the year… Poland’s defeat against Moldova (2:3) in the Euro 2024 qualifying rounds.

– Well, unfortunately, this is the event of the year. Because it seems to me that no Pole, despite the jokes made by the national team, was prepared for the **** from Moldova. No! I think this is actually the sporting event of the year. Negative, but – unfortunately – the most important – admitted Fajdek, referring to the most important event of the year in Polish sport.

Additionally, the five-time world champion commented on the nomination for Robert Lewandowski, among the twenty distinguished by “Przegląd Sportowy”.

– But he lost everything with the national team. I really don’t understand what he’s doing on the list. It would be better to let the guy rest than to condemn him to smiling and explaining. The thing about this plebiscite is simply that its creators believe that Lewandowski must be popular. Embarrassing, seriously! – commented Fajdek in an interview for, where he was questioned by Łukasz Jachimiak.

Will Iga Świątek win the plebiscite again?

The title of the most popular athlete from Poland in 2022 will be defended by the leader of the WTA ranking. Iga Świątek won after Robert Lewandowski’s two previous triumphs (2021 and 2020).

The winners of recent years also included, chronologically: Bartosz Zmarzlik (2019), Bartosz Kurek (2018), Kamil Stoch (2017) and Anita Włodarczyk (2016). However, in the case of 2015, the best was… Lewandowski again.

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