What to do with Thurnbichler? The ski jumping legend showed the solution

What to do with Thurnbichler?  The ski jumping legend showed the solution

Thomas Morgenstern defended Thomas Thurnbichler. According to the legend, the coach of Polish ski jumpers deserves more trust.

Polish jumpers are doing poorly in the 2023/24 season, but despite this, there is still considerable interest in their performances and results. Thomas Morgenstern, among others, follows what is happening in the World Cup and our team. The legendary player was asked about the crisis of the Polish national team and his namesake, Thomas Thurnbichler. The Austrian has a clear opinion.

What is the reason for the crisis of Polish jumpers?

In his times, Adam Małysz excelled on ski jumping hills, then came the era of Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła and Dawid Kubacki also had their moments. Currently, however, fans cannot count on their compatriots’ successes. They have been performing poorly since the beginning of winter, and the remaining members of the Polish national team also did not reach a high level. As a result, all three of them are only in the third ten of the general World Cup standings.

Morgenstern does not hide that he is very surprised by this turn of events. Taking into account the previous years, he would not have thought that the white and red team could get into such trouble. Therefore, he decided to give them valuable advice. – They have to approach it in such a way that the worst has already happened to them and now they have to get out of it – he said in an interview with “Sportowe Fakty”.

Like many people in our homeland, the Austrian wonders what the future holds for Polish ski jumping. – I wonder where the Polish youth are? Who will be the next Kamil Stoch? – asked the living legend. Everyone in our country also asks themselves similar questions: from fans to the management of PZN. Recently, Maciej Maciusiak, a well-known coach, also expressed his concerns about the successors of current stars.

Morgenstern defends Thurnbichler

Recently, there have also been speculations in the media about the future of Thomas Thurnbichler. No one is talking about it out loud yet, no expert or activist has signed his name to such a thesis, but it cannot be said that the issue of dismissing the 34-year-old is completely unrealistic.

Morgenstern, however, believes that the PZN authorities should not make nervous decisions and he also did not want to make hasty judgments. He also recalled that the last season performed by the Poles under the leadership of the Austrian was very good, so this team should have a chance to take control of the situation.

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