An armed man attacked fans before the Poland-Netherlands match. Shots were fired

An armed man attacked fans before the Poland-Netherlands match.  Shots were fired

Already on Sunday in Hamburg at The Poland-Netherlands match will start at 3:00 p.m. Unfortunately, just before this match, a dangerous situation occurred on the Hamburg Reeperbahn.

As reported by Bild, a “major police operation” took place at noon. According to journalists, an unknown man was armed with an ax near Silbersackstrasse.

Dramatic scenes in Hamburg

Local media report that at that time 40,000 fans celebrated during the Dutch fans’ march before the match. Fans moved from Millerntorplatz through Holstenwall, Sievekingplatz and Glacischaussee and back to Millerntorplatz.

Unfortunately, this football celebration was interrupted. “At. 12:30 police officers had to take action against a brawling man who attacked fans and officers,” we read.

In turn, reports that the situation took place near the fan zone, where there were fans from Poland and the Netherlands. Before police officers caught the attacker, witnesses allegedly heard several shots.

Shots were fired at the attacker

According to reports, the police first used pepper spray against the armed man and then fired a firearm. “According to the police, one of the officers initially fired a warning shot to stop the attacker. Then several shots were fired until the man finally fell to the ground,” we read.

“Bild” reports that the attacker also had a Molotov cocktail in his backpack. “The police assume that he wanted to detonate an incendiary device amid the noise of the fans,” the daily reports. The local police inform that in order to prevent dangerous situations, such as riots between fans, about two hundred officers are working on the Reeperbahn near the EM festival. In addition, the federal police are also on site.

The Hamburg police issued a statement

The Hamburg police issued a statement informing about the progress of this case. “Preliminary findings show that the man threatened police officers with a pickaxe and an incendiary device. Then the officers used firearms. The attacker was injured and is currently under medical care,” we read.

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