A passenger won a fortune at the airport. The amount is staggering

A passenger won a fortune at the airport.  The amount is staggering

Internet users were shocked when the airport announced the unique prize. There have been more such lucky people here over the last year.

Air travel is not only an opportunity to see a part of the world, but also the opportunity to win big prizes. Popular airplane scratch cards don’t even come close to the huge prizes offered by the Port of Los Angeles. It is one of two airports in the United States that allows legal slot machine play. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport announced the latest winner of the million-dollar prize.

A passenger won $1 million at the Las Vegas airport

A stunning prize of $1,031,200 (over PLN 4 million) went to a passenger who played the Wild Wild Buffalo game last Friday on one of the slot machines at Gate D. Information about the high winnings was published by the airport on the X website. Internet users were shocked when it turned out that the passenger had played a slot machine for only $3. The identity of the winner and his route were not made public.

The gambling capital of the world

Located in Nevada, Las Vegas is famous for its luxurious hotels and unlimited games. “Sin City” is one of the world’s gambling capitals. There are even vending machines at the airport, where they were installed in 1968. “They represent a very lucrative source of revenue for the airport, bringing in an average of over $34 million annually. Since their installation over thirty years ago, the machines have generated over $1 billion,” we read on the Simple Flying website. This solution is also beneficial for passengers who do not engage in dangerous gambling. Thanks to gaming revenues, the Las Vegas airport has significantly lower maintenance costs and can afford lower airline ticket prices. However, the largest airport in the United States equipped with machines is Reno-Tahoe, also located in Nevada.

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