Nikola Grbic commented on the painful defeat. “I feel sorry. The only thing I don't like”

Nikola Grbic commented on the painful defeat.  “I feel sorry.  The only thing I don't like"

Polish volleyball players ended the first Nations League tournament with a defeat. The course of this match was commented on by coach Nikola Grbic. The coach hates this the most.

This year's edition of the Nations League is only an appetizer to the main course, which is undoubtedly the Olympic Games. Nikola Grbic did not take the strongest team to the first tournament in Antalya. This year there are some veterans, players who are third or fourth choice or rookies. All because the White and Reds have been sure of going to the Olympics since last year.

Nations League: Poland painfully lost to Slovenia

The same cannot be said by our last rivals – the Slovenians, who have been playing with almost the strongest squad since the beginning of the VNL in order to gain points for the FIVB ranking, which will qualify them for the Olympic Games. Gheorge Cretu could not benefit only from Rok Mrozić, who is recovering from injuries.

The Poles won the first three matches, with greater or lesser problems. In the last match against Slovenia, the white and red team had to acknowledge the superiority of the opponent, who was simply better that day. Thus, the counter of the Polish national team's victories in official matches ended at 27 matches in a row.

Nikola Grbic commented on the match

The course of this meeting was commented by Nikola Grbic for Interia. – It was the worst match we played at this tournament. We played three very good games. Today, Slovenia did not play the way they can play yet. They performed well, but I saw that they could play better. That's why I regret that we weren't at our level, he said.

– Teams like Slovenia, Italy and Japan, strong teams, are very difficult to play against. At the end, when we see the results – 25:20, 25:18 – we weren't close. We weren't up to our level. That's the only thing I don't like. We have to learn a lesson from this match. This can help us play better when we are in the same situation next time,” he added.

Polish volleyball players will have a chance for rehabilitation on May 29 in a sparring match against Ukraine in Suwałki. Later, they will go to the second tournament in Japan, where they will face Bulgaria on June 4.

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