Beata Szydło at the PiS conference: Europeans, wake up. Get up from your knees!

Beata Szydło at the PiS conference: Europeans, wake up.  Get up from your knees!

On Saturday, April 27, at the PiS #BiałoCzerwoni pre-election conference, among others, MEP Beata Szydło. The former head of the Polish government spoke about the need for changes in the European Union.

Beata Szydło began her speech by recalling the reasons why our country was included in the group of Community countries. – We dreamed of a decent, normal life and we believed that the European Union would make this dream come true – she said. – Today we can talk about the positives and benefits that came from it, but we can also talk about the weaknesses of the European Union – she pointed out.

Beata Szydło on the right to criticize the EU

– About what needs to be changed and repaired. About what direction the EU should go. We have the right and even the obligation to make this criticism. Let us not allow politicians and Eurocrats shaking with fear to convince us that we cannot criticize the European Union. It is our duty to do this so that the EU can develop, she continued.

– We have the right to say what to change in the EU because we are the hosts of the EU. The EU is Europeans, not bureaucrats. The EU is all of us. With this awareness and responsibility, we must take up this dispute to change what is bad so that the EU can develop. So that we can all feel like hosts in a European home, emphasized Beata Szydło.

– It is we, the PiS government, who are actually implementing the idea of ​​the EU. We build community, we unite, not divide. We made it clear: we need to build a community, restore Poles' faith that they can live with dignity and develop, she argued.

What do Poles dream about? Beata Szydło responds

– What lies before us today, this great choice, is also our responsibility. What do Poles dream about today? What are the hopes and concerns? We dream of freedom, sovereignty, a cheerful life and development. You could say that 20 years ago it was exactly the same. Had nothing happened during that time? No, on the contrary, we have achieved a lot, we have made a huge step forward. And this is your merit, all of you, Poles, said Szydło.

– But it's not Poland that has a problem today, it's the EU that has a problem. An EU that is moving away from the principles on which it was built. He renounces his values. The EU is Europeans, not lobbyists and bureaucrats. We must remember this! That's why we have the right to ask questions, we have the right to talk about the need for change. And don't be fooled into thinking that everyone who criticizes the EU wants Polexit. It's a lie! – she thundered.

– We have the right to say: “Europeans, wake up, get up from your knees and take matters into your own hands!” It's time to rebuild the EU, which is a community, said Beata Szydło.

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