Safe credit. Will a single person lose their subsidy if they get involved with someone who owns a flat?

There are the oldest flats in Silesia.  The average Polish apartment is 44 years old

It is not known what will happen next with the “Safe 2% Credit” program. Anyone who wants to be sure that they will receive funding should submit an application by the end of the year. We have good news for people in informal relationships: the fact that their partner owns an apartment does not exclude them from applying for the subsidy.

Only people who do not own any real estate can benefit from the subsidy in the “Safe 2% loan” program. This rule also applies to spouses: if one of them owns an apartment or house, even one purchased before the wedding, this disqualifies them from the program.

“Safe 2% loan” and your partner’s apartment

What if the partners are cohabiting and one of them buys a flat with additional payment, and the other one owns another property? After the wedding, will they be able to live in the apartment purchased under the “BK2%” program without having to repay the additional fee?

Let us reassure you: the fact that the partner owns an apartment does not mean that the beneficiary of the government program will have to return the money received after the wedding. Let us emphasize that this applies to a situation in which the apartment was purchased before the wedding. The spouses will be able to sell or rent the apartment and this will not require notification and will not involve any penalty. An apartment purchased with a subsidy is different: it is used only to “meet the housing needs” of the beneficiary and his family. It can be rented, but if it is rented during the period of subsidies to installments, these subsidies expire on the last day of the month of occurrence of this event, and the amounts of subsidies obtained after this date are returned to the Government Housing Fund.

However, the Act does not introduce an order for the return of already paid subsidies to loan installments after their due date (after 10 years), and therefore the decision to rent an apartment will rest with the borrower. These 10 years are not a coincidence – this is the maximum period for paying the subsidy.

Huge interest in subsidies for loan installments

The interest in the “Safe 2% Loan” launched at the beginning of July exceeded the expectations of its creators. It was estimated that approximately 10,000 loans would be granted this year, worth approximately PLN 3.2 billion, which would cost the state budget approximately PLN 178 million. PLN subsidies for these loans. Therefore, there is no limit for subsidies and applications can be submitted until it hurts. The government expected a greater outpouring of interest only next year (40,000 contracts worth PLN 13.2 billion were expected, subsidies from the budget were introduced total limit of PLN 941 million for 2023 and 2024). Meanwhile, by November 23, 40.8 thousand contracts worth PLN 16.5 billion had already been concluded.

At the end of last week, the government announced that the amount of the subsidy limit for next year is to be doubled to PLN 1.82 billion (from PLN 0.94 million), and in total by 2032 – to approximately PLN 16.1 billion from 11. PLN 3 billion.

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