The city police gained new powers towards drivers. Fines will be issued today

The city police gained new powers towards drivers.  Fines will be issued today

On October 20, 2023, regulations will enter into force that will increase the powers of the city guard. Drivers of some vehicles for breaking the regulations may receive a fine of up to PLN 1,500 from the guard.

As of today, important changes are coming into force for drivers of vehicles that do not have an engine or mechanical drive and are moved by the power of the driver or animals pulling them. This includes: o people using bicycles, scooters and horse-drawn carriages.

New powers of the city guard

October 20 this year This year, a regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration entered into force, which increases the list of offenses for which city guards can impose fines. Municipal or city guards have now gained the ability to punish certain drivers for selected road offenses.

Guards can now carry out an inspection in the case of a participant violating the regulations regarding:

  • moped traffic,

  • bicycles,

  • bicycle strollers,

  • electric scooters,

  • personal transport devices,

  • harness vehicles,

  • horse riding,

  • herding animals.

These people can now receive a fine of PLN 1,500 from guards when:

  • do not give way to pedestrians,

  • fail to stop the vehicle to allow a disabled person using a special sign or a person with visible reduced mobility to cross the road,

  • overtake a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing or directly in front of it,

  • pass a vehicle that has stopped to give way to a pedestrian,

  • violate the prohibition on driving along a pedestrian road or pedestrian crossing.

The guard will issue a ticket for not having a bicycle card

City guard officers may also punish the above-mentioned. road users for lack of driving license. If they stop a minor cyclist on a public road without a bicycle card, they may impose a fine of up to PLN 1,500 on him.

“Whoever drives a vehicle other than a motor vehicle on a public road, in a residential zone or in a traffic zone without being authorized to do so, shall be subject to a reprimand or a fine of up to PLN 1,500.” – Article 94 of the Petty Offenses Code.

Let us remind you that in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Law, a child under 10 years of age may only ride a bicycle under the supervision of an adult. However, cyclists aged 10-18 must have special permissions to ride a two-wheeler, i.e. a bicycle card, driving license category: AM (from 14 years of age), A1, B1 or T1 (from 16 years of age). A child up to 7 years old can be transported on a bicycle, provided that he or she is placed on an additional saddle to ensure safe riding. It is allowed to transport a child in a bicycle trailer. Only a person over 17 years of age may transport a child on a bicycle or in a bicycle trailer. Adults do not need to have any license to legally ride a bicycle on public roads.

Car drivers can rest assured

Although the new powers of the city guard are now similar to those of the police, they cannot punish drivers of motor vehicles, i.e. cars, motorcycles and mopeds, for the above-mentioned offenses. The city and commune police may still issue a ticket to a driver who parked his car in an unauthorized place.

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