What are charter tickets and how to buy them? Every traveler should know this

What are charter tickets and how to buy them?  Every traveler should know this

Anyone who travels has probably heard the term charter flight. What exactly does this mean? Knowing this can sometimes help you save a lot.

People traveling by air can generally use scheduled or charter flights. We know the former very well. They include traditional connections with well-known airlines such as Wizz Air, Ryanair or LOT Polish Airlines. However, there is an interesting alternative to this type of option, the so-called charters. We explain what they are.

Charter flights. These tickets are worth buying

Charter flights are connections organized by travel agencies. In Poland, they may be responsible for, among others: companies such as Rainbow, TUI, Itaka and Exim Tours. You can search for this type of flights directly on the websites of the given companies, but also on websites such as eSky.pl or travelplanet.pl. It is also worth knowing that there are special charter airlines in the world, and in Europe the most famous one is Enter Air.

The charter ticket option is usually very cheap and does not require purchasing the entire trip. The catch is that travel agencies rent planes for their organized trips. Sometimes, however, it turns out that there are fewer people interested in trips than expected and there are vacancies in the machines. Then these seats are sold separately. Thanks to such connections, you can fly from Poland to several hundred countries around the world, and these are often exotic destinations. Many travelers point out the advantage of this type of solution.

Recently, a well-known tiktoker with a profile called @kajetano commented on this topic. He gives his followers interesting advice and travel tips. In the latest video, he discusses the issue of low prices for charter flights, which are up to 70% cheaper. than cruise. He reveals that by using the offers of well-known travel agencies, you can find flight prices that are “amazing”. For example, we can fly to Crete for PLN 299, to Vietnam for PLN 499, and to Morocco for PLN 299. Each time we are talking about the amount for a round-trip flight, which usually includes two pieces of luggage.

Buying charter tickets has one disadvantage

When reading about the advantages of buying tickets for charter flights, you may wonder why some people use them so rarely. It turns out there is an important reason for this. Connections organized by travel agencies – although often cheap and attractive – are usually offered one or two days before departure, or even on the same day. This makes it an option for people who have time on their hands, who can take a vacation very quickly and are ready to go on a trip even alone.

Charter connections are usually not available for regular sale, but they always win in terms of price. They are often not a good option for families with children or large groups where everyone needs to be on time and plan something in advance. These connections are for people who prefer spontaneous trips and like warm holiday destinations.

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