What about the forced bringing of Obajtek? Szczerba's plan didn't work

What about the forced bringing of Obajtek?  Szczerba's plan didn't work

Daniel Obajtek was to appear at the meeting of the Sejm investigative committee that is investigating the so-called visa scandal. He did not do this, therefore the chairman of the parliamentary body, Michał Szczerba, submitted a request for his detention and forcible deportation. The application was submitted to the District Court in Warsaw. The decision was made.

The commission imposed a fine of PLN 3,000 on the former president of Orlen. PLN due to his failure to appear on June 5. Obajtek was summoned as a witness on Wednesday – he was to testify about the employment of foreigners in the construction of the Olefin III installation near Płock.

The court decided to arrest and forcibly bring the PiS candidate in the European Parliament elections to the committee. The next hearing date is set for June 7.

There is a decision and a justification

According to RMF FM radio, the former president of Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen will not be detained and forcibly brought to prison. Why? Journalists found a justification stating that such measures can only be applied if “the financial penalty does not bring results.” It is also necessary to “determine the persistence of the witness's behavior,” we read. However, the court stated that “this did not happen.”

As it was emphasized, at this point “the maximum penalty is sufficient.” This amounts to three thousand zlotys. According to the court, the former president of the multi-industry concern “did not justify his absence.” It was decided that the letter that was delivered to Szczerba “cannot be a reason for justification.” Although Obajtek is indeed running an election campaign (for two more days – on June 8, the “election silence” will begin) – he “did not indicate specifically what activities he would be conducting as part of this campaign at the time he was supposed to testify” – we read in the justification for which the content is quoted by the RMF24 website. The Sejm body has already become familiar with these provisions. You can file a complaint against them, journalists inform.

“Mr. Michał Szczerba, you should cover all costs”

In. the commission's decision, which was made after Obajtek's failure to appear at the hearing, the interested party himself voted for X. “You said that you are determined and will use all methods and services to achieve this goal. Does anyone really believe that calling me for questioning in a case I have nothing to do with is not just a political show? After all, I submitted a request to postpone the hearing after the campaign, and you still want to create a circus using taxpayers' money,” wrote the former president of Orlen on June 5.

The candidate for the European Parliament, who is running from the Law and Justice party in Podkarpacie (from number one), also referred to the RMF FM article from June 6. “You should cover all costs of activating the police and other state bodies,” he said to the head of the investigative commission.

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