Polish carriers on the verge of bankruptcy. They are demanding help from the government

Polish carriers on the verge of bankruptcy.  They are demanding help from the government

Many Polish carriers are in a very bad financial situation. This is the result of the economic collapse, the war in Ukraine and a sharp increase in costs. An additional challenge is the EU's climate policy.

The Polish transport industry, with 33 percent share in the EU road transport market, employing nearly one million people and contributing PLN 16 billion in taxes to the budget, has been experiencing serious difficulties for many months. Currently 60 percent companies are planning to reduce fleet and employment, and 13 percent is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The increase in bankruptcies is due to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and rising costs. The problems are compounded by EU climate regulations. The industry is appealing to the government for support, including tax breaks and exemptions from public charges.

The green transformation is a big challenge, says Dr. Hab. Maciej Stajniak. Logistics is best prepared for regulations, while transport, which emits harmful substances, suffers them the most. Poland is the largest carrier in Europe – Ph.D. Maciej Stajniak, professor at the University of Logistics in Poznań.

The transport industry is one of the most important branches of the economy in Poland. It generates 6%. GDP, but it is of fundamental importance for generating over 51 percent. GDP. It employs over 950,000. people, taking third place in the services sector. In 2021, 380 billion tkm were transported, the most in the EU, with 1.2 million trucks – every fifth EU truck is registered in Poland. Polish carriers are responsible for almost 1/5 of EU transport.

The industry faces many challenges, including rising costs and climate regulations. Although trucks constitute 3% of the fleet, they generate 19.4%. CO2 emissions from road transport. – Rising costs, increases in fuel prices and road tolls are affecting the TSL industry. Carriers' protests indicate a crisis – explains the expert.

The crisis is also deepened by the war in Ukraine, which has eliminated 20,000 people. Polish-Russian trucks and forced carriers to suspend their operations.

– In 2023, 7,000 people went bankrupt. transport companies – says Dr. Hab. Maciej Stajniak.

After the pandemic and turbulence in supply chains, the situation was worsened by the abolition of permits for Ukrainian carriers, which led to protests and border blockades. – Unequal access criteria for Ukrainian carriers have caused difficulties for Polish companies – says Dr. Hab. Stableman.

In May, TLP and ZMPD appealed to the government for support, emphasizing that 60 percent companies are planning reductions, and 13 percent is close to bankruptcy. The industry is calling for tax relief and exemptions from public duties, including means of transport tax and social security contributions for drivers, as well as subsidies for the replacement of tachographs.

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