Wąsik follows Czerwińska after Bodnar's motion. “We will be with you”

Wąsik follows Czerwińska after Bodnar's motion.  "We will be with you"

PiS politician Maciej Wąsik assured support for Anita Czerwińska, who may lose her immunity after the request of Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar. It concerns the events of January this year.

On Friday, May 17, PiS MP Anita Czerwińska announced via social media that Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar requested to waive her immunity. Czerwińska explained that the reason for this decision was “to remove the false and slanderous inscription in front of the monument to the victims of the Smolensk disaster.” “The date of the application is significant – April 10, on the 14th anniversary of the Smolensk tragedy,” the MP added.

Anita Czerwińska may lose her immunity. A mustache with words of support

PiS politician Maciej Wąsik commented on the request. “Dear Anita. I remember your great support that you showed us when we really needed it. You were with us then in this dark time. Today, when they attack you, remember that we will be with you. And you will never be alone,” he wrote. The entry was captioned #SolidarnizAnita.

Anita Czerwińska was among the PiS politicians who took part in demonstrations in support of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik when they were in custody.

Adam Bodnar's application concerns the events from the beginning of the year, when Czerwińska tore off a plaque from one of the wreaths placed in front of the Monument to the Victims of the Smolensk Tragedy.

– Why are you destroying the wreath? – asked the man in the recording by Piotr Fijałkowski from Obywatele RP.

– You are destroying the wreath, it does not belong to this lady. This is the property of Mr. Zbigniew Komosa, who placed it here (…) You stole the wreath – one could hear. Later, there was an emotional exchange with a policeman who pointed out that Czerwińska had immunity.

Also a few months later, on April 10, an incident occurred. Counter-demonstrators appeared near the Smolensk monument.

Marek Suski and Anita Czerwińska blocked the path of Zbigniew Komosa, who was holding a wreath accusing the late. Lech Kaczyński to order the pilots to land in Smolensk.

– Shame and disgrace. You are promoting Vladimir Putin's version! – the PiS MP then shouted.

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