Wojciechowski sees no grounds for resignation. He intends to “present arguments” to Kaczyński

Wojciechowski sees no grounds for resignation.  He intends to "present arguments" to Kaczyński

– I am wondering what I could do differently in agricultural matters and, honestly, I don’t see such an issue at the moment – ​​says the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, commenting on the calls for Jarosław Kaczyński’s resignation.

On Friday, February 9, Jarosław Kaczyński was asked whether Janusz Wojciechowski was a good candidate for the position of European Union Commissioner for Agriculture. The PiS president replied that “he will ask Wojciechowski by phone to finish his mission.” Kaczyński emphasized that the final decision belongs to the commissioner himself, who performs his function under the mandate of Law and Justice.

On February 10, Wojciechowski repeated to Brussels correspondents that he does not feel responsible for the problems in agriculture and sees no grounds for his resignation. He announced that he would present his arguments to Kaczyński in the coming days. – Most of what I do is simply little known in Poland. I need to communicate more strongly. I don’t see any negligence on my part, the EU commissioner began.

Janusz Wojciechowski responds to Jarosław Kaczyński

– I’m wondering what I could do differently in agricultural matters, and honestly, I don’t see such a thing at the moment. To accept responsibility for this would be to admit that mistakes were not made. I have to keep my cool, emphasized Wojciechowski. The EU Commissioner for Agriculture admitted that it will now be more difficult for him to fight in the EC for favorable solutions for Polish farmers when his position is being questioned in Poland, e.g. the future budget of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Wojciechowski mentioned that he is now trying to push through several important solutions. He mentioned the issue of increasing direct subsidies by 10%. as part of public aid, or the recognition that the war in Ukraine is a special circumstance that should result in waiving the enforcement of sanctions on farmers. The commissioner noted that at his request, from June there will be restrictions on the import of sugar, poultry and eggs under the EU’s duty-free agreement with Ukraine.

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