Michał Adamczyk wrote a letter to TVP employees. “Against the liquidation of the Square”

Michał Adamczyk wrote a letter to TVP employees.  "Against the liquidation of the Square"

The president of TVP, appointed by RMN, addressed the employees. In the letter, he opposes the “liquidation of the Square”.

The fundamental change in the public media was met with strong opposition from the current company authorities as well as from politicians of the current opposition. Donald Tusk’s government is convinced of the legality of its actions. The majority of Poles asked about this also have a similar opinion.

Although the duties of Law and Justice MPs at the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency have ended, they still do not leave the Polish Television building. Marcin Przydacz draws attention to the conditions that must be met for politicians to abandon their actions.

Michał Adamczyk: They tell people directly that the Square will be turned off

On Tuesday, the president of Telewizja Polska, elected by the National Media Council, sent a letter to TVP employees. Michał Adamczyk draws attention to the “disturbing information he has received regarding the plan of illegal liquidators against the Television Information Agency.” In this context, he pointed out that Donald Tusk’s government started changes in public media with an “order to turn off the signal” and “blocking employees’ passes.”

“They quickly moved TAI to building K in Woronicza, they are building a structure there, and they tell people directly that the Square (the TAI headquarters at Plac Powstańców Warszawy – ed.) will be decommissioned and sold,” we read in the letter signed by Adamczyk and TAI directors – Samuel Pereira and Marcin Tulicki.

The president of TVP appointed by RMN in a letter to employees: Illegal liquidators promote a false narrative

According to the authors of the letter, this means “mass and unrestrained (because they announced illegal liquidation) dismissals of people, commissions verifying those who will stay (intended for a short time until they replace them with their own) and liquidation of positions as part of savings.”

Adamczyk, Pereira and Tulicki go on to write that “more and more people are complaining that their invoices are not accepted” and – as they report – they are approached by people concerned that the costs of the changes will fall on TVP employees and collaborators.

“We don’t agree to this. Illegal liquidators promote a false narrative that someone is occupying and blocking something here, while it was they who immediately blocked people from entering and today they are occupying Woronicza with the police. Here in the square, none of us blocked anyone’s entrance. Come and check: the studios, control rooms and editing tables are empty,” the authors emphasize.

Michał Adamczyk: We will defend TVP as a workplace

As they claim, the sooner the situation at TVP “returns to the order it was before December 19 this year, the sooner we, as legal authorities, will be able to settle your debts.” “For this, it is necessary to remove the liquidators who are occupying Woronicza, have disabled hundreds of people’s e-mails and blocked their passes,” they said.

In the letter signed by Michał Adamczyk, it was assured that “the legal authorities of Telewizja Polska never intended and do not intend to liquidate the Square, we will defend TVP not only as a common good and a public broadcaster, but above all, as your workplace.”

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