Niedzielski’s successor accuses Tusk of manipulation. “Words taken out of context”

Niedzielski's successor accuses Tusk of manipulation.  "Words taken out of context"

During the meeting in Legionowo, Donald Tusk quoted a loud statement of the new Minister of Health. In response, Adam Niedzielski’s successor accused the PO leader of “manipulating words taken out of context” and accused him of “mercilessly using the tragedy of women for his election campaign.”

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Tuesday that he had accepted the resignation of Health Minister Adam Niedzielski. At the same time, he announced that the new head of the ministry would be PiS MP Katarzyna Sójka – “a doctor, an internist who has a lot of her patients, who knows the health service from the inside out, and is also an active member of the health committee.”

Niedzielski’s resignation is the aftermath of his reaction to TVN’s material about problems with issuing e-prescriptions. The head of the Ministry of Health was accused of violating the GDPR rules and disclosing sensitive patient data.

It is not yet known when Sójka will be sworn in. The head of the International Policy Office, Marcin Przydacz, said on Polsat News that “this is the perspective of the coming days.” “Sooner than later, there is no reason to put off this decision here. The president usually tries to respond to these requests from the government as soon as possible. This is the perspective of the next 2-3 days, that’s how I imagine it – he explained.

Jay for Niedzielski. Tusk comments

During a meeting with voters in Legionowo, Donald Tusk commented on Sójka’s appointment as Niedzielski’s successor. “I don’t know anything about her at all, except for one thing,” he said.

– In June, after the tragedies in Polish hospitals, the fatal accidents of Polish women who were deprived of care because Ziobro and Kaczyński are obsessed with pregnant women, she said in a TV studio in June, just yesterday: “women were dying, are dying and will die.” This is their program, they appointed her Minister of Health, said the former prime minister.

The new minister: Why do you need these manipulations?

Sójka quickly reacted to the PO leader’s statement on social media. “Mr. Donald Tusk, why do you need these manipulations with words taken out of context? It is you who ruthlessly uses women’s tragedies for your election campaign. This is not an attitude worthy of a man,” declared the new minister.

“The good of patients instead of political hatred. Welfare of patients instead of hitting the enemy with a crowbar. The good of patients instead of using them for political warfare,” added Sójka.

The statement of the PiS MP resonated widely

It is about the statement of the MP from the program “Gość events” on Polsat News, in which she commented on the death of the pregnant 33-year-old Dorota in the hospital in Nowy Targ and the protests against the tightening of the abortion law that took place at that time. The PiS politician argued that “every Polish woman has the right to an abortion in a situation where her life and health are in danger.”

– Unfortunately, women have died, are dying and will die, because it happens. Unfortunately, medical errors have been, are and will be, because unfortunately it also happens. Pregnant women died this year, last year, but they also died in 2010, in 2008. According to the Central Statistical Office, 19 pregnant women died in 2008. Last year, it was seven women, said Sójka.

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