Non-obvious answers from PiS supporters. “Faith will continue to melt”

Non-obvious answers from PiS supporters.  "Faith will continue to melt"

Despite falling support in polls, PiS voters indicate that their party will win the 2024 local elections. Poles, however, prefer KO. According to prof. Wawrzyniec Konarski “faith in Law and Justice will continue to melt.”

United Surveys, commissioned by WP, asked Poles: “Who do they think will win the next local government elections?” The survey clearly shows that the Civic Coalition has the greatest chance, selected by 40.1 percent. respondents. Law and Justice was chosen by 20.5 percent. respondents. 13.8% chose Third Road. subjects.

2.5 percent survey participants, in turn, believe that Confederation will win the 2024 local elections. Only 0.3 percent chose the Left. respondents. 22.8 percent respondents chose the option “I don’t know/it’s hard to say”.

Local elections 2024. Poles choose KO in the latest poll

When it comes to the distribution of votes among voters of individual parties, 73 percent believe that KO will win. her supporters. Left voters also chose the Civic Coalition – 72%. Interestingly, they gave 14% to the PSL and Poland 2050 coalition. to win, and your party 0 percent.

Despite falling polls, faith does not weaken among PiS supporters. As much as 63 percent of them bet on their own party’s victory in the local government elections. Third Way voters in 49 percent. indicated that KO would receive the most votes in the April vote. 30 percent believe in the success of their own party. The results are most similar in the Confederation, but the most people chose the Civic Coalition – 29 percent.

Experts agree – PiS has a problem

Experts admit that the results are not a surprise, and Jarosław Kaczyński’s party has a problem. Prof. Rafał Chwedoruk reminds that “in the previous local elections, Law and Justice performed much worse than in the parliamentary elections.” Prof. Wawrzyniec Konarski, however, assessed that “faith in PiS will continue to decline.”

The survey was conducted by United Surveys on behalf of Wirtualna Polska. They were carried out from January 26 to 28 using the mixed CATI and CAWI methods on a group of one thousand respondents.

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