A pack of young wolves on the road. State Forests warn drivers

A pack of young wolves on the road.  State Forests warn drivers

Young wolves can be very curious, as evidenced by a recording from the Oleszyce Forest District. It shows a pack that appeared on one of the asphalt roads. The material was published by the State Forests, which also warned drivers passing through areas inhabited by the above-mentioned predators.

“Everyday commute to work. Forest, morning fog, birds singing and them. Young wolves are very curious and smart. As you can see, they can also be careless. Especially in the morning and in the evening, it is worth taking your foot off the gas pedal,” the State Forests announced on Twitter. The recording, which shows a group of young predators, was made in the Oleszyce Forest District in Podkarpacie. “Wolves avoid people and encounters with them are sporadic. Please remember to exercise caution when interacting with any wild animal. – emphasized the administration of the State Forests in one of the comments.

How to react when we encounter a wolf on our way?

– The wolf poses absolutely no threat to humans. He’s basically terrified of it, and even if he doesn’t run away, it doesn’t mean he has bad intentions, explained Adam Gełdon, an employee of the Spychowo Forest District, who specializes in wolves. According to the expert, the media creates the image of the wolf as an animal that, if it does not run away from humans, certainly wants to attack them. “And that’s not the case,” Gełdon explained.

According to the specialist “in order to look at the wolf through our eyes, we must reverse the situation, i.e. look at man through the eyes of the wolf”. – Wolves have poor vision, not very sharp, especially during the day. Their eyesight becomes sharper at night. If we see a wolf in the middle of the road, looking at us and standing still, we should enjoy the view because it did not notice us, explained Gełdon. The expert noted that, as in the case of other wild animals living in the forest, there is one rule. – We do not approach any wild animals, they are not stuffed animals – he emphasized.

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