Auto-correction regarding windmills. It has…almost 70 pages

The new government will take care of "windmills". 200 meters is "crucial"

On Tuesday evening, an amendment to the bill regarding support for electricity consumers was submitted to the Sejm. It envisages deleting the provisions relating to wind farms from the bill and retaining the proposal to freeze energy prices. The self-correction is almost 70 pages long.

A week ago, a group of MPs from the Civic Coalition and Third Path submitted to the Sejm a draft amendment to the act on support for electricity consumers, extending the freeze on energy prices until the middle of next year. The project also included provisions liberalizing the construction of wind farms and windmills in Poland. They assumed, among other things, that the distance of wind farms from houses would be reduced to 300 meters.

Self-amendment regarding the wind farm act

A kind of “dummy” regarding wind farms caused a political storm. Opponents of the project pointed out that it would be possible to expropriate private land for the construction of windmills. There was also talk of lobbying pressure from Western companies and “paying off debts to the Germans”. On Tuesday afternoon, reported that that the wind farm bill will be suspended, which – as the portal found – is a personal decision of the future Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Yesterday evening, the Sejm received an amendment to the above-mentioned bill, which provides for the deletion of the provisions regarding wind farms and retaining the proposal to freeze energy prices. The amendment was submitted by the Coalition’s parliamentary club Civic.

In its main part, the auto-amendment does not change the principles of support for electricity, heat and gas consumers compared to the original draft. Among other things left: a provision stating that the protection of electricity, gas and heat consumers will apply from January 1 to June 30 next year. The bill would enter into force on December 31 this year.

Law and Justice MP, and until recently also Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, pointed out that the self-amendment had 69 pages. – Listen, a small self-amendment was submitted to Mrs. Hennig-Kloska’s excellent bill on freezing energy prices and wind farms… 69 pages! Such minor imperfections – wrote Buda on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

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