Wars on the electoral rolls, how Jinping overshadowed Eurovision and the megamerger with copper in the background. New “Wprost”

Wars on the electoral rolls, how Jinping overshadowed Eurovision and the megamerger with copper in the background.  New "Wprost"

Additionally in the edition: Arkadiusz Myrcha about his father Rydzyk, Lech Wałęsa about his own chauvinism, Margaret about sexual violence, the secrets of Agata Duda's famous styling, what's new in the Polish fleet, Putin's nuclear flail, everything about the windows of life and much more.

“Letter Wars”. The “Death List” was created not only by Jarosław Kaczyński, but also by Donald Tusk, which is why many politicians are afraid whether he will get a mandate. Joanna Miziołek looks behind the scenes of party battles for a seat in the European Parliament.

“How Xi Jinping Outshined Eurovision.” President Xi Jinping's first visit to the Old Continent in five years is something like an inspection to determine what his Russian vassal has managed to do – he writes Jakub Mielnik.

“Megafusion with copper in the background.” This is a raw material that is already in short supply, and in addition, a global mega-merger is about to take place on the market. Not only the Polish giant KGHM may feel threatened. More in the text Bogusz Julian Kasowski.

What else in the new “Wprost”

“Elections without strength and money.” Kaczyński's party is so far the most visible in the European Parliament campaign. PO, on the other hand, focuses on accusing PiS of being pro-Russian. He writes about how the parties changed places Eliza Olczyk.

“Spiritual activity is an addition.” – If someone wants to believe in a series of cases and strange circumstances, they have every right to do so, but I don't see any cases here – says the person described by Szymon Krawiec and Piotr Barejka estate of Rydzyk's father's foundation Arkadiusz Myrcha.

“They'll say I'm a chauvinist again.” The country's interest is not important to him. He destroys his friends – that's what he comments Lech Walesa Jacek Protasiewcz's activity in the interview Agnieszka Niełościowska.

“Pain for a lifetime.” “I'm not the same as before,” he says Nasrollah, a 23-year-old Syrian shot by a soldier near the border with Belarus. More in the text Piotr Barejka.

“Orcas will replace Eagle.” The “eternal” renovation of ORP Orzeł – the last ship of this class in the Polish fleet – has ended. A successor is urgently needed, he writes Łukasz Pacholski.

“Decisions laced with drama.” The entire sequence of events triggered by the alarm in the window of life is a consequence of a decision made by a specific woman. What is the cause? Answers in the text Magdalena Frindt.

“200 million lives were lost and there was silence.” We encouraged the largest organizations in Poland to cooperate, but we hit a wall. And this is a very depressing reflection, they say Krystyna Romanowska Dyba and Adam Lachcreators of the film about Odra.

“Lady is open to ideas.” If the outfit is uniform, they say it's bland, if there are flowers, it's too colorful. As if “the soup was always too salty,” he counters in the interview Agnieszka Niełościowska Dorota Goldpointdesigner collaborating with Agata Duda.

“Let the prosecutor pay.” 300 thousand PLN in compensation for unjust arrest – this is the amount awarded to the entrepreneur Paweł Golem. And he comments in the text Helena Kowalik: – I don't feel comfortable that the taxpayer would have to pay for the harm done by prosecutor Maludy.

“Nuclear flail.” On the occasion of his next inauguration, Putin is again threatening nuclear war. Let NATO finally make it clear that it has enough resources to neutralize any such bluff, he appeals Jakub Mielnik.

“When Russia Falls.” – Moscow is flexing its muscles, but the modern battlefield is not an area where cannon fodder or museum equipment can determine victory – he says Magdalena Frindt, Gen. Roman Polko.

“An embarrassing problem under control.” Surgeons from Krakow performed the first surgery in Poland to implant an electronic urethral sphincter. This is a chance for men with complete brain damage, he writes Katarzyna Pinkosz.

“Today I choose faith in people.” I feel like I had to let it out, this pain and guilt that wasn't mine. This is a condition that all victims of sexual violence face, she confesses Maciej Drzażdżewski Margaret.

“They say I kill with my eyes.” I guess I have something very distancing in my energy. I'm also high-energy and have ADHD, so it's hard for some people to get along with me. It's great that we are diverse, he says in an interview Katarzyna Burzyńska-Sychowicz Helena Englert.

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