The average salary has fallen. The Central Statistical Office has released disturbing data

The average salary has fallen.  The Central Statistical Office has released disturbing data

According to the Central Statistical Office, the average salary in the second quarter of this year amounted to PLN 7,005.76 gross. This is over PLN 100 less than in the previous quarter.

It is true that in annual terms, the salaries of Poles are growing, and at a double-digit pace, if we compare the second quarter with the first one, we will see a decrease. In the first quarter of this year, the average salary was PLN 7,124 gross, now only PLN 7,005.

Wages are chasing inflation

It should be remembered that the data provided by the Central Statistical Office refer to the quarterly average. According to the latest monthly data, the average salary was PLN 7,335 and was 11.9% higher than last year.

This means that salaries in June caught up with inflation and we are no longer dealing with the real decline in wages that we have experienced for the last few months.

The Central Statistical Office omits most companies

Let us remind you that in the statement, the Central Statistical Office takes into account salaries in the sector of enterprises that employ at least 9 people. It does not take into account the salaries of civil servants and teachers in public schools, or salaries in the smallest enterprises.

Whenever we provide data on subsequent readings of the average salary, discussions begin under the articles in social media about the fact that the results of the Central Statistical Office are not reliable, because “who earns so much?”. The accusation of lack of credibility is justified when we consider that the methodology excludes almost 95% of the data from the list. companies (enterprises employing up to 9 people and self-employed).

There are about 2.62 million companies registered in Poland, and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises constitute the vast majority – 99.8 percent. In this group, the largest group are micro-enterprises, there are about 2.2 million of them.

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