Deposits for 12 and 18 months: limited offer, but you can earn money

Deposits for 12 and 18 months: limited offer, but you can earn money

We don’t have good news for people who would like to deposit money in the bank for a year and a half. Banks do not particularly reward long-term savings, they rather offer deposits for 3 or a maximum of 6 months. Fortunately, several banks meet their customers’ expectations.

Few banks offer 18-month deposits: it is most profitable for them to offer good interest rates for 3 or a maximum of 6 months. As a rule, high interest rates are associated with the need to meet additional conditions, most often having a current account. Additionally, banks prefer new funds and cover surplus money with increased interest rates.

Deposit offers for 18 months

The website has prepared a list of the best 18-month deposits. The most interesting offer is offered by Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch in Poland – money at 5.5%. can be invested by account holders. 4.5 percent can be won at Nest Bank under two conditions: one is to have an account in this bank, and the other is to deposit new funds. Offers above 4 percent they also have BFF Banking Group, BNP Paribas Bank Polska and Bank Millennium.

Interest rates are decreasing in subsequent offers: no bank offers anything in the 3-4 percent range. Only later comes Velo Bank with 2.75%. However, this offer has an advantage over the others: it does not involve any additional conditions. It can be opened without having a bank account, and no new funds are required.

Deposit offers for 12 months

What about 12-month offers? Volkswagen Bank encourages account holders (a necessary condition) to open Lokata 5 Plus at 5.5%.

InBank does not require an account, and it pays slightly less, 5.4%. on the Standard Deposit. Toyota Bank will pay 5.3 percent. on Lokata Plus, but the condition is to have an account in this bank. 5 percent you can earn money in Bank Nowy and ING Bank Śląski. The first offer is intended for new customers who open a deposit account, the second one requires a savings account.

4.75 percent you can earn at BFF Banking Group, BOŚ Bank and Nest Bank. Each offer is subject to additional terms and conditions. These are, in turn: having a deposit account in the first case and depositing new funds into the current account in the case of the next two banks.

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