Sanitary and Epidemiological inspections are starting. A popular holiday region under the microscope

Sanitary and Epidemiological inspections are starting.  A popular holiday region under the microscope

Employees of the Warmian-Masurian Sanitary and Epidemiological Station announced the commencement of inspections of accommodation facilities. Children and teenagers are supposed to relax there during the holidays.

Inspections of the tourist base in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship will begin soon. Employees of the regional sanitary inspectorate will assess the condition of accommodation facilities intended for children and teenagers' recreation. Inspectors are to pay special attention to places where violations occurred in previous years.

Season opening in Masuria

At the beginning of May, the shipping season began in the Polish region of lakes. Soon, children from all over Poland will come to youth hostels and hotels. During the holidays, this region of Poland is especially popular for relaxing at camps and summer camps. Before summer begins in earnest, accommodation facilities will be checked by the Warmian-Masurian Sanitary Inspectorate. From March 27 to June 7, inspectors will assess the state of preparation of selected places. They will especially focus on those facilities whose operation in previous years showed irregularities – places that were the subject of complaints or those that were subject to administrative proceedings or fines. The reason for the inspections carried out before the season is the anxiety of parents who want to be sure that they send their children to a safe place prepared for this purpose.

Inspections are carried out every year

According to the State Sanitary Inspection, last year, in addition to pre-season inspections, sanitary standards were also verified during stays involving children and teenagers. Most of them were considered safe for participants of summer camps and colonies. Of the 1,269 facilities checked, 26 places were found to have hygiene problems. According to the report, the services also discovered one “wild colony” that had not been reported to the education superintendent in advance. “No application to close the course has been submitted,” we read.

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