Christmas miracles in the Sejm? Petru and Mentzen posted a photo together

Christmas miracles in the Sejm?  Petru and Mentzen posted a photo together

After a heated election campaign, it’s time for hard work. Ryszard Petru and Sławomir Mentzen seem to have buried the campaign hatchet. They just posted a photo together.

The election campaign is a kind of spectacle. This was perfectly used by both Sławomir Mentzen, who approached the election campaign very bravely by organizing Piwa z Mentzen, and the man who distinguished himself in… the conflict with the leader of the Confederation. We are talking about Ryszard Petr, who for years was on the margins of Polish politics, but thanks to Mentzen’s economic ideas he got into the Sejm.

Petru vs. Mentzen

Ryszard Petru’s election campaign looked quite simple. However, many experts believe that the idea was very good. The former leader and founder of Nowoczesna, who ran in the last elections from the Poland 2050 lists, decided to target one of the most popular politicians on social media.

The choice was Sławomir Mentzen, who eagerly talked about his economic ideas, including taxes, social programs and the role of entrepreneurs in the economy. Ryszard Petru successively countered almost every idea of ​​Mentzen, showing how populist or dangerous it is for public finances.

Discussions between politicians became so dynamic that Petru decided to appear at one of Sławomir Mentzen’s meetings with voters. Both men were also invited to a debate on economic issues on RMF FM radio. It is safe to say that Ryszard Petru gained a lot from this conflict and that this is one of the main reasons for obtaining a parliamentary mandate.

Petru and Mentzen will cooperate

Due to the fact that both MPs got into the Sejm of the 10th term and both of them are interested in the economy, they decided to work in the Sejm Public Finance Committee.

Many people thought that this would mean a continuation of the dispute between the two MPs. However, the latest photos that the gentlemen posted on their social media suggest that the plans are slightly different and the work of the Public Finance Committee intends to start at least at a slightly different level. What’s next? We’ll probably find out pretty quickly.

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