Repair actions in Ford and Toyota. Faults affect safety

Repair actions in Ford and Toyota.  Faults affect safety

Polish importers of Ford and Toyota notified the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection about the possibility of defects in their models. In both cases, customers will receive a notification that they need to visit the Dealership for repair.

In August, we reported on two service actions involving the repair of a large number of cars. The first concerned 32 models from the Stellantis group. In Opel, Peugeot, Citroen and DS cars, a fault was detected concerning the engine control unit and the engine control unit software. In connection with the repair action, over 11 thousand cars in Poland must be taken to service centers. The second time the repair action concerned even more cars (nearly 13,000 cars in Poland), this time from Japan. Therefore, users 2080 Subaru and 10 894 Toyota should report to the service for repair of faults.

This time, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection informs about the service campaign in a much smaller number of vehicles – a total of 219 vehicles. Problems can occur in Ford Focus and Toyota GR86. Both faults cannot be underestimated, as they affect the safety of travelers.

There may be problems with seat belts in Focuses

The Ford importer reported that in Focus cars manufactured at the Saarlouis Plant BuildThailand plant from March 24 to June 7, 2023, the rivets securing the seat belt buckle were not installed correctly, which could result in the belt breaking off in a collision, increasing the risk of injury.

On the Polish market, the repair campaign covers 208 vehicles. Owners of Focuses covered by the service action will be asked to contact the Authorized Service Center in order to make the appropriate repair.

The GR86 may have a fault with the hazard lights

In Toyota, the recall applies to GR86 models manufactured in Japan from March 17 to April 12, 2022. In 11 Toyota sports cars sold in Poland, the turn signals and/or hazard warning lights may temporarily stop working. If this occurs, the driver may notice the turn signal lamps on the instrument panel flashing very quickly while the turn signals are on. In such conditions, other road users may not notice that the rear turn signal or hazard warning lights have been activated, which may increase the risk of an accident.

The Toyota importer assured that owners of cars covered by the campaign will be invited to authorized brand services to replace rear lamps.

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