Vladimir Putin will not stop in Ukraine? This is supposed to be his next goal

Vladimir Putin will not stop in Ukraine?  This is supposed to be his next goal

A recording was leaked that was intended to cause shock in diplomatic circles. The Russian general allegedly indicated which country intended to attack the Kremlin. The decision was about to be made.

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched full-scale aggression against Ukraine. Since then, soldiers subordinated to Vladimir Putin have been attacking both military targets and objects inhabited by civilians. Ukrainian soldiers are resisting the occupiers, helped by support – in the form of weapons supplies – from Western allies.

Volodymyr Zelensky, who every day calls for the acceleration of the delivery of further aid packages to Ukraine, has strengthened his message even more in recent weeks. The topic of the country attacked by Russia, or more broadly, security in Europe, is raised during important political events, including: most recently during a meeting of the foreign ministers of NATO countries.

Will Russia attack another country? The recording was leaked

The statements of leading politicians also include a warning that if Vladimir Putin manages to achieve his criminal goals in Ukraine, he will only fuel further imperialist tendencies and the Kremlin will attack another country. Now the recording has become famous, in which – according to defence-blog.com – you can hear Russian MP General Andriy Gurulov. It was intended to indicate that Kazakhstan was to be the next target of Russian aggression after the invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, a decision in this matter was supposedly already made.

Media speculation shows that the recording was initially intended to be made available to politicians involved in the defense sector. As the journalists of the mentioned source point out, the recording in question was leaked at a time when the Russian media is increasingly targeting Kazakhstan, demonizing this country, which is reminiscent of the narrative used against Ukraine in previous years.

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