Israel announces “mighty revenge”, Iran justifies Hamas. “Act of Self-Defense”

Israel announces "mighty revenge", Iran justifies Hamas.  "Act of Self-Defense"

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said the Hamas operation against Israel was a “spontaneous resistance movement of the oppressed people of Palestine.” Benjamin Netanyahu announced revenge for the “black day” in history.

On Saturday, October 7, the military command of the radical Palestinian group Hamas announced the launch of an armed operation against Israel. The militants carried out massive missile strikes, which did not go unanswered.

The latest reports indicate that 250 people were killed and more than 1,500 were injured in the attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel. It is also known that over 230 people were killed and approximately 1,700 were injured in retaliatory attacks.

Iran justifies Hamas. “Palestinian Self-Defense Act”

The international community is closely monitoring the escalation of tension between Israel and Hamas. Joe Biden said the United States stands with Israel and will “never let you down.” The US president added that in the face of terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas, Israel has the right to defend itself. – There is never an excuse for terrorist attacks, and my administration’s support for Israel’s security is solid and unwavering, the politician emphasized.

A statement from Iran’s Foreign Ministry said Hamas’ attacks on Israel should be seen as “an act of self-defense by the Palestinians.” – This operation is a spontaneous resistance movement of the oppressed people of Palestine in defense of their inalienable rights and a natural reaction to the war-inciting and provocative policy of the Zionists – said Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the mentioned ministry.

Netanyahu vows “powerful revenge for the black day.” “An unimaginable price”

As Reuters reported, a narrative being circulated in Iranian media is that Hamas’ actions “showed that, contrary to Israel’s claims of intelligence and security domination over the resistance movement, Israel was unable to predict their operations and its Iron Dome was nothing more than a dome made of straw over a sandcastle. Demonstrations took place in Tehran, with participants chanting “death to Israel” and setting off fireworks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized in a published statement that “Israel will win this war despite the unimaginable cost.” “This is a difficult day for all of us,” the politician emphasized. “We will reduce all the places where Hamas fighters are located, where they are hiding and preparing, to rubble,” said Benjamin Netanyahu. The politician announced “powerful revenge for the black day.”

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