Will Ukraine lose the war? Bartoszewski: I don’t share this opinion, it’s black-sighted

Will Ukraine lose the war?  Bartoszewski: I don't share this opinion, it's black-sighted

On Tuesday, January 2, Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski appeared in the “Guest of Events” program on Polsat News. He briefly summarized some experts predicting Ukraine’s defeat in the war with Russia.

At the very beginning of the conversation with Marcin Fijołek, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Teofil Bartoszewski was asked whether he agreed with the increasingly repeated view that Ukraine would lose the war. – I don’t share this opinion, blacksight. I read various comments from people who may have once commanded a regiment, but not a brigade, or an army, and they say how Ukrainians should conduct the war. A little moderation, he appealed.

Bartoszewski: Ukraine can win this war

– Ukraine can win this war with appropriate Western help, but it still does not have the necessary equipment – ​​he pointed out. He emphasized that during the recent missile attacks on this country, the vast majority of the downed missiles were smaller ones, which resulted from shortages in weapons. – They need better weapons and missiles that can hit targets not only in Crimea, but also on Russian territory – he said.

He partially agreed with the thesis that the West is beginning to lack the will to continue supporting Ukraine. – Some people don’t have determination, but some do. When Americans realize how much they pay, the total amounts to a maximum of $200 billion. How much will it cost to prepare for war on the Polish-Ukrainian border? These are trillions of dollars, unimaginable sums. That’s why we need to stop them now, he emphasized.

Europe must prepare for war

The deputy minister also agreed with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radosław Sikorski, who spoke about the need to shift the European economy to other priorities. – There is no doubt that Europe should switch to a war economy, because without it we will not be able to stop Russia. Such an economy takes several years to create, he reminded.

As a slightly different example, he gave the United States during World War II, which, as a large country, was able to completely adapt its industry to the needs of its army and become a global military power in a relatively short time.

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