Visa scandal. Prosecutor’s Office: The information provided by Donald Tusk is false

Visa scandal.  Prosecutor's Office: The information provided by Donald Tusk is false

The National Prosecutor’s Office reacted to the PO spot and media information about the “visa scandal” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Investigators stated that the information provided contained “false” data.

The National Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement on Friday in which it stated that “the information provided by some politicians, including Donald Tusk, regarding irregularities in issuing visas contains false data and has no relevant connection with the findings of the investigation.”

Prosecutor’s Office: False information provided by Tusk

The prosecutor’s office claims that “in particular, the information provided by Donald Tusk that millions of immigrants were brought to Poland is false.” “In fact, the subject of the investigation, conducted by the prosecutor’s office together with the CBA, are irregularities in submitting applications for several hundred visas over a year and a half. Less than half of these applications were accepted,” it was reported.

The statement indicated that “irregularities concerned Polish diplomatic missions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines and Qatar.” “Therefore, another false information provided by both politicians and “Gazeta Wyborcza” is the claim that those arriving came from African countries,” we read.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the information from “GW” indicating that “these proceedings were initiated by the foreign services of other countries and that the Polish services were forced to act” is also “untrue.” “From the very beginning, this investigation has been conducted by the CBA and the Polish Prosecutor’s Office and was started based on information from the Polish services. Procedural activities in the case are being carried out on an ongoing basis and evidence is being collected,” the statement said.

“They frightened and frightened them, but they let them in.” New PO spot

On Friday morning, the Civic Platform published a spot mentioning the latest reports on the “visa scandal” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the media, the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Piotr Wawrzyk, was to be dismissed due to irregularities at the Visa Decisions Center.

– It turned out – the PiS government invited 250,000 immigrants from Asia and Africa to Poland. Their people created a system that allowed intermediaries to issue visas in exchange for bribes of $5,000 a head. They invited 250,000 immigrants from Asia and Africa, more than France or Germany. The Central Anticorruption Bureau has entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – says the narrator in the material.

– Who else was involved in this scandal? They frightened and frightened them, but they let them in. After the elections, we will check whether they made money on it, announces PO in a new spot.

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