He was driving drunk again. He fell because he lost sand along the way

He was driving drunk again.  He fell because he lost sand along the way

ITD inspectors stopped the truck for inspection. A drunk driver was behind the wheel. It turned out that driving under the influence of alcohol was not the only offense on his conscience.

The truck driver was detained on Monday, September 11, on the expressway no. 8 in Warsaw. The ITD inspectors’ attention was drawn to unsecured cargo. Sand from the dump truck was spilling onto the road.

He blew almost 3 per mille

When, during the inspection, Road Transport Inspectorate officers smelled alcohol from the driver, they immediately took the keys out of the ignition. During the sobriety test, they couldn’t believe the result and performed a breathalyzer test several times. The last one showed 1.29 mg/l (over 2.7 per mille) of alcohol in the exhaled air. The driver of the dump truck admitted that he had a suspended driving license for driving under the influence of alcohol.

He ignored not only safety, but also regulations

When ITD officers checked the electronic database, it turned out that the man had a court driving ban valid until July 2024. During the inspection, it was also found that the truck did not have up-to-date technical tests and there was no money in the e-TOLL account.

Recidivist drunkard

The inspectors handed the drunk driver over to KSP police officers and seized the truck’s registration certificate. For allowing the vehicle to be put into road traffic without a valid technical inspection and for lack of funds in the e-TOLL account (the journey took place without the required fee), the owner of the dump truck may face high fines. A recidivist driver can expect a sentence of up to 3 years in prison.

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