How much does a teriva ceiling cost per 100m2. The most popular types of ceilings

How much does a teriva ceiling cost per 100m2.  The most popular types of ceilings

The ceiling is one of the most important structural elements of the building. There are no jokes here, we will not save on the quality of the ceiling. Good quality materials and solid workmanship are the priorities. How much does a ceiling cost? It all depends on its type.

Highly ribbed ceilings. What is it?

Block-ribbed ceilings are made from start to finish on the construction site. This type of ceiling is made without heavy equipment. This is probably why house designs with ceilings of this type are so popular. The block-ribbed floor is built with reinforcement ribs. Aerated concrete blocks are placed in the spaces between them. The whole is then filled with concrete mix.

How much does it cost to build a ribbed ceiling?

According to specialists’ calculations, the following amounts influence the price of this ceiling: beams: approximately PLN 100/m, their number depends on the ceiling design, hollow bricks: from PLN 5.2 to PLN 10/piece (6-7 pieces are needed per m2), concrete mix : PLN 28 / m2.

What is a Trevia ceiling?

The Trevia floor is a type of ribbed floor. They are very popular in Poland. Teriva floor systems consist of reinforced concrete beams (bearing structure) and expanded clay blocks. The Teriva ceiling is erected quickly and is relatively less time-consuming. These are its huge advantages.

How much does it cost to build a Teriva ceiling?

Materials to build 1 m2 of Teriva ceiling cost about PLN 100-150. To this amount we add labor costs (approx. PLN 1,000 per m2). In total, the average price of a Teriva ceiling is PLN 200-250 per m2.

What are the costs of making a Teriva ceiling in different parts of Poland?

The highest prices for Teriva ceilings can be paid in Warsaw, and the cheapest are in Pruszków and Żyrardów. The average price for a Teriva ceiling in the country is PLN 225/m2 gross. The largest differences in the prices of Teriva ceilings can be observed in the Masovian Voivodeship. Here you need to be especially vigilant when choosing where to buy.

Monolithic ceiling for a residence. What is the characteristic of a monolithic ceiling?

A monolithic ceiling can have a large span. Because it is resistant to loads, the monolithic ceiling is used in the construction of residences and large estates. However, the construction of this type of ceiling is very labor-intensive because it requires formwork. The next step is to make the reinforcement from the bars on the formwork. At the very end, when building a monolithic ceiling, the concrete mixture is poured.

How much does it cost to build a monolithic ceiling?

To build a monolithic ceiling, you need to rent formwork, it is necessary to construct the ceiling. The price for renting it is approximately PLN 20 per m2 (period: 4 weeks). We will pay PLN 150/m2 for the reinforcement. Added to this is the concrete mortar and its pouring. The cost of a monolithic ceiling may be approximately PLN 300/m2.

Prefabricated ceiling. Characteristic

A prefabricated ceiling does not require much work. It also does not require full formwork. Professionals rate this type of ceiling as making construction work more efficient. To make the ceiling, you will need prefabricated slabs, which, depending on the project, may be of different types. The boards are placed with a crane. The next stage is formwork of the ring. Then it is reinforced and poured with concrete.

Prefabricated ceilings. Costs

The cost of a prefabricated ceiling ranges from PLN 150 to PLN 250/m2 depending on the type of prefabricated element selected. To this should be added the costs of renting a crane (PLN 190-250 / h) and labor costs, which are small, approximately 3 hours.

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