The expert reveals which seats on the plane are the safest. Conducted a study

The expert reveals which seats on the plane are the safest.  Conducted a study

Front, middle or back? The aviation specialist has no doubts. There are places on the plane that are safer than others. See which ones to choose.

Although flying is considered the safest means of transport, many people are afraid to travel this way. Specialists assure that it should not accompany us while flying. However, if this is not enough, we have something else for such passengers. The analysis shows that there are safer places on the plane than others. Which of them is worth choosing?

These are the safest seats on a plane

If you are afraid of flying or are simply interested in this form of traveling, you have probably wondered more than once which seats on the plane are the safest. If we look at the statistics based on previous aviation accidents, we will quickly find the answer.

“We will find a safer place on the plane. It’s located at the back of the machine,” said Dan Bubb, a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

According to a 2015 TIME analysis of 35 years of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) data, the fatality rate for middle rear seats was 32 percent, compared to 39 percent for middle rear seats and 39 percent for middle rear seats. first part of the machine 38 percent.

More specifically, middle seats at the back of the plane are statistically the safest. For comparison, for seats located next to the aisle but in the middle of the cabin, the fatality rate was 44%. However, it should be remembered that these are only analyzes based on previous aviation accidents – there were cases that deviated from this rule.

Data based on previous aviation accidents

When United Airlines Flight 232 crashed in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1989, most of the 184 survivors were in the center section of the plane. During the Tenerife disaster in 1977, which is considered the most tragic aviation accident – 583 people died – 61 survivors sat mainly in the front of the Pan Am plane involved. So there are exceptions to this rule.

“The data shows that while the safest seats are in the back of the plane, they are also the most uncomfortable during turbulence,” David Rimmer, CEO of AB Aviation Group and a plane crash survivor, tells Travel + Leisure.

Considering how many people are afraid of flying and hate turbulence, it is better to choose places where they are less noticeable.

“Turbulence is a much more common phenomenon and should be avoided by the most fearful travelers,” Rimmer advises. He suggests choosing “less safe” seats near the center of the plane to avoid the worst effects of turbulence.

If you really want to choose a “safer” seat, choose a seat near the exit row. A 2011 analysis of over 100 plane crashes by the University of Greenwich showed that passengers five rows from the exit were more likely to be safely evacuated from the plane.

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