Tusk appreciated Macierewicz's move from the past. “I was skeptical”

Tusk appreciated Macierewicz's move from the past.  "I was skeptical"

During the press conference, the head of government, Donald Tusk, talked about Poland's defense. During his speech, he mentioned the decision made a few years ago by the former Minister of National Defense from Law and Justice, regarding “territorials”. He admitted that he was “skeptical” about the idea a few years ago. However, he appreciated Antoni Macierewicz's move.

Donald Tusk spoke at a press conference on March 19. Journalists were present in the room. The Prime Minister said, among other things: about the threat from Russia, for which Poland must be prepared. Tusk revealed that recently, at every meeting, the most important European politicians talk about the uncertain future of Europe.

Shelters, uniforms and WOT. Tusk appreciated Macierewicz's decision

The Prime Minister emphasized that he did not want to arouse fear in anyone, but the country must stock up, gather resources and money, which is related to possible Russian aggression “in some unfortunately near future.” This means, among other things, investment in shelters. It is worth mentioning here that two years after Russia's attack on Ukraine, the number of places in shelters and hiding places may be less than 4%. society – which was included in the report of the State Fire Service, referred to by the Supreme Audit Office.

In addition to shelters, the head of government also mentioned uniforms and the Territorial Defense Forces. In the context of the last one, he pointed to former Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz. He admitted that he “was skeptical” about his idea, which – let us remind you – had been developed since the end of 2015, and WOT was finally established at the beginning of 2017. The so-called “territorials” are part of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. Their primary mission is to “defend and support local communities.”

40 thousand “territorials”. WOT “deserves the highest attention”

The Prime Minister admitted that “WOT deserves the highest attention today.” According to the leader of the Civic Coalition, the current focus should be on civil defense and protection of critical infrastructure – which has a direct impact on the security of Poland and Poles.

It is worth adding that almost anyone can become a “territorials” who meets the following conditions: has Polish citizenship, is of age, healthy (physically and mentally) to be able to perform military service, and has no criminal record. A person wishing to join WOT cannot perform any other type of military service and cannot have a crisis assignment – we read on the official website of the army. At the end of 2023, WOT reported that the army already numbered 40,000. volunteer soldiers. According to rank, they are paid appropriately for each day of service.

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