Tragic incident in Greece. A late ferry passenger was pushed into the water

Tragic incident in Greece.  A late ferry passenger was pushed into the water

A passenger who missed his ferry trip tried to get on the ship at the last minute. The staff did not allow him to do this, they pushed him off the ramp and he fell into the water. Materials showing the dramatic incident appeared online.

Shocking reports about what has happened in Greece in recent days have circulated online. One of the passengers of the Blue Horizon ferry missed the cruise and ran onto the ramp connecting the ship with the port at the last minute. However, the crew did not allow him to stay on the boat. The workers pushed him so hard that he fell into the water. The man died.

Tragedy in Greece. A passenger fell from the ship into the water

A delayed passenger tried to board the departing ferry, but the crew did not want to agree to it. The incident took place in the port of Piraeus. First, the ship’s employees once pushed the man away, but he persisted in his attempts to stay on the boat. The crew pushed him off the ramp a second time, but this time he fell into the water.

Recordings have appeared on the Internet showing the incident with the 36-year-old in the main role. They show an unidentified man rushing towards the ferry and running up the ramp as it began to leave a Greek port. Two Blue Horizon crew members are currently standing on the ramp and denying him access to the boat. It can be seen that the traveler was forced to backtrack and ended up in rough water.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the videos shows a man being pulled into the water by a whirlpool generated by the ferry’s propellers. A short time later, the Greek Coast Guard pulled the unconscious tourist from the sea and took him to a hospital in Nikaia, where he was pronounced dead.

Eyewitnesses say the passenger was pushed off the ramp because he did not have a ticket, even though he could have bought one on board.

Blue Horizon’s position on the matter

After the tragedy, the Blue Horizon ferry was ordered to immediately return to the port of Piraeus, where the captain and crew members were arrested. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, Minister of Shipping, told the Daily Mail: “I express my sadness at the tragic incident in the port of Piraeus in which one person lost his life. The Piraeus Port Authority is taking all necessary actions to clarify this matter and enforce liability.”

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