5 people dead. The plane with passengers on board burst into flames

5 people dead.  The plane with passengers on board burst into flames

There was a plane collision at an airport in Japan, as a result of which one of the planes caught fire. Terrifying footage shows smoke and fire as it lands.

Shortly after the tragic reports of the New Year’s earthquake in Japan


paradise faces another unexpected disaster. A Japan Airlines plane unexpectedly caught fire while landing at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Clouds of thick smoke were coming from the machine consumed by flames, and trapped passengers were looking for an escape route. There were almost 400 people on board. The latest reports indicate 5 victims.

A plane burns at the Tokyo airport

Japan Airlines Flight JAL 516 took off from Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido and arrived at Haneda Airport in the capital on Tuesday evening local time. According to the first reports from the scene, the plane burst into flames while landing on the runway when the plane skidded. The footage shows flames coming from under the plane and its windows. NHK WORLD-JAPAN reports that the plane collided with another plane while landing. Reuters reports that it was a machine belonging to the coast guard. Firefighters fought for many hours to bring the fire under control – the plane burned down completely.

There were almost 400 people on board, 5 people died.

According to the latest information obtained by The Guardian, five of the six people traveling in a Coast Guard aircraft that collided with a passenger plane have died. The Bombardier Dash-8 plane took part in helping those affected by yesterday’s earthquake.

Reports speak of chaos at the airport and passengers hastily escaping from the burning deck of the plane, which was carrying a total of almost 400 passengers. “A Japan Airlines spokesman said the plane from Shin-Chitose Airport to Hokkaido was carrying more than 300 people,” Reuters reports. The airline confirmed that all 379 passengers and crew were successfully evacuated. The machine they traveled with was an Airbus A350-900, delivered to the carrier 2 years ago. According to flightradar.24, all flights to Haneda Airport in Tokyo were canceled until the end of the day.

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