September at the seaside is better than June. Hoteliers: October promises to be record-breaking

September at the seaside is better than June.  Hoteliers: October promises to be record-breaking

There hasn’t been such a good September on the Baltic Sea for years, say people from the tourism industry. And even though October is practically the end of the season at the seaside, there are plenty of fans of autumn seaside city breaks.

The summary of the tourist season on the Baltic Sea was prepared by the Northern Chamber of Commerce (PIG). In short, they can be summed up in two words: “The season was saved.” Because, as people from the tourism industry emphasize, there hasn’t been such a good September for years, and the entire season, despite a disastrous start and a weak June, was the best since the COVID-19 pandemic.

September is better than June on the Baltic Sea

– September saved the summer season. Entrepreneurs say directly that the occupancy rate in September in many hotels and guesthouses was higher this month than in June. What’s more, October also promises to be record-breaking, says Hanna Mojsiuk, president of PGI in Szczecin.

This extension of the season can be attributed primarily to the weather: in September, there were days on the Baltic Sea when the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius, and on weekends on the beaches you could feel like it was the middle of summer – tourists were sunbathing and there were plenty of swimmers. – Just a week ago, the water in the sea in Darłowo was 20 degrees Celsius, and tourists were swimming freely. We can finally talk about a good tourist season in Western Pomerania – admits Andrzej Mielcarek, president of PGI in Koszalin.

In September, in an interview with, Joanna Agatowska from the Świnoujście Tourist Organization made no secret of the fact that entrepreneurs cannot complain. – The beautiful weather did our job and September is really exceptionally good for the tourism industry – she emphasized.

Not only hoteliers, but also gastronomy and seaside trade and services caught their breath. – There were seasons when life at the seaside died down after the first weekend in September, and now we have huge occupancy rates, which in some hotels reach up to 90% on weekends. – adds Hanna Mojsiuk. Everyone agrees that an autumn tourist is a different tourist than a holiday tourist. – In September, the seaside is dominated by city-break tourists, i.e. those who want to spend a sunny weekend on the Baltic Sea – explains Mojsiuk.

October at the seaside for remote workers?

Traditionally, especially in the western part of the coast, there is also no shortage of tourists from Germany at this time of year. As Katarzyna Wojciechowska from the Tourist Information in Międzyzdroje told us in September, the city is visited by many organized tours with guides.

The Northern Chamber of Commerce forecasts that October 2023 may be record-breaking for the seaside tourism industry. – Those who do not decide to book a hotel room usually choose apartments for rent. Their occupancy in September was huge, and in October it is no worse. This is an offer for people who can afford, for example, remote work from a seaside resort or for those who are interested in the Baltic Sea after the season. The number of reservations is huge, which means that the price proposals for October are slightly lower than those for the holidays. Entrepreneurs are not yet entering the “off-season” mode, sums up real estate market expert Mirosław Król, quoted by PIG.

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