Tourists are crazy about this cabin in Alaska. You can only get here by helicopter, and it costs 135,000 per night. zloty

Tourists are crazy about this cabin in Alaska.  You can only get here by helicopter, and it costs 135,000 per night.  zloty

It lies on the ridge of a glacier, is surrounded by wild nature, and can only be reached by helicopter. Sheldon Chalet electrifies tourists looking for unusual experiences. This is one of the most isolated and expensive accommodations in the world.

This remote and isolated Alaskan cabin is only accessible by helicopter. In addition, a night at Sheldon Chalet costs 32,000. dollars (approx. PLN 135,000) per night. This does not stop travelers from dreaming of getting to this place. Just look at its unusual location to understand why.

One of the most isolated accommodations in the world

Sheldon Chalet guarantees the relaxation that many of us dream of. This unique building is located in Alaska, which itself captures the imagination. This extraordinary and vast state is full of undiscovered and raw nature, wild animals and kilometers of terrain where no other human can be found. And the accommodation in question is located in such a place that you can only get to it by helicopter.

The unique temple is located on the ridge of a glacier, or rather on a nunatak – it is a peak rising above the surface of the ice sheet and surrounded on all sides by the ice cover – with a height of approximately 1,830 m above sea level in Denali National Park. It is also home to the highest peak in North America, Denali (6,190 m above sea level).

The facility in question offers not only isolated accommodation, peace and quiet, but also exclusive accommodation and amazing experiences. Its location on Nunatak means it can only be accessed by helicopter. The house is surrounded by ice, mountains and sky. It sits on a five-acre parcel and is the only privately owned land in Denali National Park.

The only privately owned land in Denali National Park

The unique plot of land as well as the house – or rather two houses – belong to the Sheldon family. One of them was built in 1966 and is called Sheldon Mountains House. It is a historic, rustic cottage with an area of ​​64 m22 with a wood-burning stove, four beds and a lean-to.

However, guest accommodation is in the Sheldon Chalet, which was built in 2014. It opened in 2018 – it is much more spacious and has better facilities. There are five bedrooms that can accommodate up to 10 guests at a time, as well as a living room with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen and, most importantly, internal plumbing.

But there’s one thing that’s intentionally missing: Wi-Fi. When you are a guest at Sheldon Chalet, you can disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in the world right outside the property’s doors. There is certainly something to do here. Since the cottage is intended for exclusive use, guests can freely organize their time spent here.

The surroundings are conducive to spending time actively. You can try your hand at ice climbing, snowshoeing on the glacier or exploring snow caves – beginners will receive plenty of instructions and safety advice. And if you just want to enjoy delicious dishes served by local chefs and admire the Northern Lights at night from the observation deck, this is also an option.

Sheldon Chalet is open all year round and the price per night starts from PLN 135,000. zloty.

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