A castle in Stobnica may be built. The court overturned the decision of the Construction Supervision Inspector

A castle in Stobnica may be built.  The court overturned the decision of the Construction Supervision Inspector

One of the most controversial buildings in the country may, however, be built. The court allowed the continuation of work in the Notecka Forest.

The castle in Stobnica has been popular since 2018. However, this gigantic investment, which is subject to disputes, will still be able to be built. The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw overturned the decision of the Chief Inspector of Construction Supervision, according to which the investment had to be suspended.

The castle in Stobnica under fire

Almost all institutions that could have done so have already raised doubts about investing in the Notecka Forest. It started in 2018 with the Central Anticorruption Bureau. It was checked whether the decisions to build the giant were issued correctly. Then, at the request of the Minister of the Environment, the matter was investigated by the General Directorate for Environmental Protection. The prosecutor’s office also dealt with the investment.

In August 2021, the prosecutor’s office’s appeal was considered, and as a result, the castle construction permit was suspended. The Chief Construction Supervision Inspector found that the construction may have a significant impact on the environment, which is particularly important considering its location. It is located in the Natura 2000 area and neighbors the Notecka Forest. Therefore, according to the law, the investor was obliged to submit an environmental impact decision. Due to the fact that he did not submit such a document, the General Inspectorate of Banking Supervision found that there was a reason to invalidate the building permit. The investor appealed against this decision.

The court overturns the decision to suspend construction

However, the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw decided that the GINB decision, under which the construction was suspended, should be repealed. However, it will not be possible to learn the arguments for such a decision because the case was heard in closed session. We will therefore have to wait until the justification for the judgment is prepared to learn the details.

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