Leo Varadkar resigned. He was the first homosexual prime minister

Leo Varadkar resigned.  He was the first homosexual prime minister

Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) Leo Varadkar has decided to step down as party leader and head of government as soon as his Fine Gael successor is elected.

Leo Varadkar is a family medicine doctor by profession. In 2017, he became Ireland's youngest Prime Minister when he took over as leader of the Fine Gael party. He currently heads a coalition government in Dublin, along with Fianna Fáil and the Green Party.

Announcing his resignation, Varadkar described leading the country as “the most satisfying period of his life”.

The Prime Minister of Ireland resigns. He boasted about his achievements

Speaking from the steps of government institutions in Dublin on Wednesday, Varadkar boasted of his achievements in the position. He said he had “led Ireland from unemployment to full employment, from budget deficit to budget surplus, from austerity to prosperity.” He added that he was “proud that we have made this country a more equal and modern place when it comes to children's rights, the LGBT community, women's equality and their bodily autonomy.” Varadkar is a declared gay, which he announced in 2015 in a radio interview.

The prime minister's sexual orientation was the subject of a court dispute between Kaja Godek and a group of 16 people and several organizations, including: Polish Anti-Discrimination Law Society or the Love Does Not Exclude Association. The case pending before the District Court in Warsaw concerned the statement of a pro-life activist from May 2018. Godek stated on Polsat News, among others: that “Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar flaunts his strange orientation and homosexuals are perverted.” She was sued for these words.

The BBC recalls that during his time as taoiseach, Varadkar oversaw referendums on changing the Irish constitution, which legalized same-sex marriage and abortion.

In the 2020 Irish general election, Varadkar led his party to the third-most seats won in Dáil Éireann, the country's lower house of parliament.

As part of the coalition agreement between the parties, it was agreed that Varadkar and Micheál Martin would hold the post of taoiseach for two years. In 2020, Martin was appointed taoiseach (head of government), with Varadkar serving as his tánaiste (deputy prime minister). Their functions changed in 2022.

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