Donald Tusk about the debate on TVP. “Whatever else they come up with, I know you’ll be there.”

Donald Tusk about the debate on TVP.  “Whatever else they come up with, I know you'll be there.”

The Civic Platform invites everyone to Wał Miedzeszyński, where the TVP debate will take place. “We expect neither normality nor decency there,” commented Iwona-Śledzińska Katarasińska.

“Not on Woronicza, but on Wał Miedzeszyński 384! Not at 9 p.m., but at 6:30 p.m.! Whatever else they come up with for the debate, I know you’ll be there! See you soon,” commented Donald Tusk on social media. The Civic Platform invited everyone to appear at Wał Miedzeszyński an hour before the debate. Many Civic Coalition politicians reacted to the PO leader’s entry and began to announce their presence.

“The last fight of this campaign will be ours,” Roman Giertych, a candidate for the Sejm, added to Tusk’s tweet. “The thing is that although we expect neither normality nor decency, Donald Tusk will show up for the debate. And Jarosław Kaczyński, for whom they would have rolled out a red carpet, chickened out. And this is the difference between the character and credibility of Jarosław Kaczyński and Donald Tusk,” added Iwona-Śledzińska Katarasińska.

TVP debate not on Woronicza, but on Wał Miedzeszyński and not at 9 p.m., but at 6.30 p.m.

Former politician of the Civic Coalition and currently member of the TVP programming board Krzysztof Luft, together with the former president of Telewizja Polska Janusz Daszczyński, sent a letter to the current head of TVP, Mateusz Matyszkowicz. In the letter, they demand “an explanation to the public why the debate is not organized in their own studio in Woronicza, but in a studio rented from a private producer.”

“This is an image disaster for a national broadcaster like TVP. If the public TVP, financed by over PLN 2 billion from public funds, cannot hold a pre-election debate of political leaders in its own headquarters, it means that it is unable to fulfill its most important missionary duties. Also the decision to change the time to 6.30 p.m., which will result in lower viewership of the election debate on TVP than at 21, is completely incomprehensible in the context of TVP’s implementation of the public media mission,” it concluded.

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