Barbara Nowacka wants to contact the teacher. She gave 0 points. student because she had no money

Barbara Nowacka wants to contact the teacher.  She gave 0 points.  student because she had no money

A user of the X/Twitter platform revealed the content of a controversial entry that appeared in an electronic journal. The Minister of Education herself soon commented on it.

On Elon Musk’s platform, an Internet user complained that she did not receive points from the teacher in the “social involvement” category. This happened because she did not donate PLN 10 to Szlachetna Paczka, explaining that she did not have such an amount.

Students who commented on the screenshot she shared claimed that these points were important because they could count towards the final grade for conduct, issued every six months.

“Dad couldn’t make the transfer”

The student shared a photo of the entry made by the teacher, which appeared in the electronic journal. She explained that “she literally had PLN 4 in her account, and her father couldn’t make a transfer to her (topping up the amount by PLN 6 – ed.) because he had a meeting at the time,” we read.

And although we do not know whether such a situation actually took place, or whether the commenter actually received any attention, her entry became so popular that it soon reached the Minister of Education in Donald Tusk’s government, Barbara Nowacka.

“Please send me the name of the school and the person who made this entry,” commented the minister, providing her e-mail address. Nowacka assessed the situation as “outrageous”. “Activity cannot be assessed depending on financial possibilities,” she said.

Internet users are divided. The entry has been deleted

The involvement of a person who holds such an important position in the state in, after all, such a trivial matter was assessed positively by some, and quite the opposite by others. One of the commenters noted that “the principal or curator is responsible for admonishing the teacher.” Someone else calculated that if Nowacka wanted to deal with this type of matters, she “wouldn’t have time to sleep.”

Others praised the intervention. It is clear that the issues of “ordinary students are important to her,” they claim.

It is worth adding that the Twitter user eventually deleted the screenshot. Some believe it was a “joke” and others believe the student was simply “scared” and the matter went “too far.”

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