President of CEV at an event in Russia. Ukrainians are calling for his resignation

President of CEV at an event in Russia.  Ukrainians are calling for his resignation

Aleksandar Boricić is not very popular in many countries. His latest behavior – his presence at the gala celebrating the 100th anniversary of Russian volleyball – infuriated many countries. In an official statement, Ukrainians accuse him of cynicism and call for his resignation.

The president of the Confederation of European Volleyball (CEV), Aleksandar Boricić, is not very popular in many countries. Authorities such as representatives of the Polish Football Association accuse him of not making any changes to influence the development of volleyball. There is sometimes talk about “concreting” this discipline on the Old Continent.

Ukrainians are calling for the resignation of the president of CEV

The Serb does not hide his good relations with Russia, which makes it difficult for him to win over the environment in the times of the war in Ukraine that has been going on for almost two years. At the end of the year, the ruler was present at the gala of the 100th anniversary of Russian volleyball in Moscow. After receiving the award for his services, he gave a short speech in which he expressed hope that Russia would return to international sport.

This behavior enraged the Ukrainians. The local volleyball association issued a long statement in which it felt shocked by the presence of the helmsman of the European federation at the event in Russia, which cannot participate in international competitions due to aggression in Ukraine. The federation also emphasizes the Serb’s cynicism, as well as the fact that Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council of Russia, also participated in the event.

“The Ukrainian Volleyball Federation is convinced that Aleksandar Boricić’s visit to the Russian Federation during the war unleashed by the Russians – the largest since 1939-1945 – violated all moral and ethical norms, humiliating Ukraine, Ukrainians and the entire free world by supporting the aggressor. We assess with dignity Mr. Boricić’s contribution to the development of volleyball – European volleyball in general, and Ukrainian volleyball in particular. However, at a time when the lives of millions of people and the existence of the second largest nation in Europe are at risk, supporting the aggressor is immoral. Therefore, the Ukrainian Volleyball Federation urges Aleksandar Boricić not to jeopardize the authority of volleyball after such behavior and to step down from the position of president of CEV,” the association writes in a statement.

The brother of the Polish team coach took part in the event in Russia

Also present at the gala in Moscow was Vladimir Grbic, a former Serbian volleyball player and privately the brother of Nikola, the current coach of the Polish national team. The volleyball legend boasted about it through a photo published on LinkedIn.

Elections for the new president of CEV are scheduled to take place in 2024.

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