Three countries by the sea in two hours. The new railway line will be a real hit

Three countries by the sea in two hours.  The new railway line will be a real hit

This holiday season, tourists can take a ride on a historic railway line, the route of which runs through three beautiful countries. Ticket prices are extremely low.

Thanks to this railway route, we don't have to choose where we will go on holiday this year. During the two-hour journey, we will visit three unique European countries: Croatia, beloved by Poles, Slovenia, which is gaining popularity, and always fashionable Italy. The new holiday connection operated by Slovenian Railways runs along a railway line built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Prices start from just 8 euros.

A new European attraction

Three countries in two hours? Slovenian Railways shows that it is possible. From the Italian seaside Trieste we will go to the Croatian Rijeka, passing Slovenia and the extraordinary landscapes of the Adriatic coast. After more than 30 years, the railway line built 150 years ago during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was restored. Trains once took five hours to cover this historic route. Today, if we board the train in Trieste at 7:50, we will be in Rijeka at 9:54. Along the way, we will see the towns of Sežana, Divača, Pivka and Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia, as well as the village of Šapjane and the seaside resort of Opatija in Croatia. The train departs from Croatia to Italy at 6:25 p.m. – so we'll be treated to spectacular views of the setting sun.

Prices from 8 euros

We can have a real railway adventure for only 8 euros (approximately PLN 35). Tourists can choose to buy a ticket for the entire journey or for individual sections, which will enable them to visit the towns through which the scenic route runs. We can use the new attraction throughout the holidays. Trains run every day in both directions until the end of September, but in the future there is a chance that they will be permanently included in the annual timetable of the Slovenian carrier.

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