The first beach of its kind on the Adriatic. Entrance only in hijab

The first beach of its kind on the Adriatic. Entrance only in hijab

A beach accessible only to Muslim women has opened in a Montenegrin resort, the first of its kind on the Adriatic Sea.

Part of Pearl Beach in the popular resort of Ulcinj on Montenegro’s southern coast will now be accessible only to “women in hijab.” The bathing area will be closed to other tourists so that Muslim women can “have fun without fear of prejudice.” Although such beaches already exist in many other places around the world, this is the first of its kind on the Adriatic. About 70 percent of Ulcinj’s population is Muslim.

Entry only in hijab

“Beach for women in hijabs,” reads a sign at the entrance to Pearl Beach in Ulcinj. Part of the bathing area in the Montenegrin resort has become an area reserved only for Muslim women. “The beach is closed so that Muslim women can have fun here without fear of prejudice. About 20 sun loungers have been set up, and protecting the privacy of women visitors is a priority,” writes, the most popular news portal in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are many bathing areas in the world that are designed exclusively for Muslims, but this is the first of its kind on the Adriatic coast. Ulcinj in Montenegro is inhabited mainly by ethnic Albanians, the vast majority of whom are Muslims. It is estimated that around 70 percent of the residents of this 10,000-person town are members of the religion of Allah. “All visitors should observe the rules and customs of the beach,” it says.

Burkini ban on European beaches

“I don’t wear a hijab, but I’m glad that something like this exists. Unfortunately, many people are bothered by women bathing in burkinis. Bravo to Montenegro,” writes one of the residents of the Balkan country in a comment under the published article. Muslim women bathing on beaches in swimsuits covering their bodies have caused controversy in many European resorts. In France, despite numerous protests, wearing this garment is prohibited on public beaches. The burkini was ruled by a French court to be incompatible with the principles of religious neutrality.

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