QUIZ to wake up. Test what you know about the world

QUIZ to wake up.  Test what you know about the world

A test of knowledge about the world and geography is an ideal way to train your mind in the morning. You can also do it at another time of the day. This time it’s not difficult at all. See if you can get at least 8/10.

The world is full of mysterious places and monuments. We know a lot about some, but still too little about others. There are also those that, despite our extensive knowledge and experience, may surprise us. Will our questions include something like this? This time we chose something quite simple, although sometimes tricky. However, scoring at least 7 points should not be a problem.

Why is it worth taking the test? Thanks to it, you will give your mind a great exercise and training that will wake it up for the whole day. It is worth remembering that not only our body needs a warm-up. You have questions about Europe and the rest of the world. You will be proud of, among others: knowledge of cities, flags, curiosities and currencies. To work!

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