He found a loophole and saved a lot thanks to it. He booked 58 flights for free

He found a loophole and saved a lot thanks to it.  He booked 58 flights for free

A Jetstar passenger has found a brilliant way to book 58 flights for free. As you can guess, the airline is not happy with this turn of events. Now both sides are in dispute.

Well-known foreign media talk about this story. A Jetstar passenger found a loophole that allowed him to book 58 flights for $0. The airline didn't like it, so now they're at war.

He bought plane tickets for free

Lawyer Tyrone Barugh booked a flight from Auckland to Sydney for $260 and received a free return ticket as part of a promotion run by Jetstar. He then canceled the flight and was given an airline credit. The free ticket, however, was still waiting in his account. The man used the credit to book another flight, then did it another… 57 times. Interestingly, the would-be passenger told news.com.au that he had no intention of using these tickets.

He took Jetstar to the New Zealand Court of Arbitration, claiming he was entitled to about $4,500 in tax owed on the flights.

He claims he is owed the money because he paid the $60 passenger movement fee charged by the Australian government when a person leaves the country. Barugh says he would accept a settlement of “a small flight credit and a toy plane.”

A Jetstar spokesman declined to comment while the case is before the tribunal.

War between passenger and airline

The man who took advantage of a legal loophole and demanded 58 free flights is in a legal dispute with the airlines. Tyrone Barugh took the case to the tribunal after finding a loophole in the airline's promotion. Thanks to it, he could book almost 60 flights with Jetstar for free.

He said his intentions were not “pure” when he brought the case to the tribunal. “They don't have the most holy intentions here either. They have conditions that have the potential to make it more difficult for customers to take appropriate action and limit their liability to customers,” he said.

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