This TV is a suitcase. LG with a crazy device

This TV is a suitcase.  LG with a crazy device

LG has unveiled a TV that folds into a portable suitcase. The 27-inch StanbyMe Go is a surprising machine that allows you to watch movies and series wherever you are.

If you absolutely have to watch your favorite series – even on vacation in the woods – LG has a solution for you. The company showed a very unusual equipment – a TV that folds to the size of a narrow suitcase.

LG StanbyMe Go – TV in a suitcase

The LG StanbyMe Go TV is a truly surprising piece of equipment. It looks like a white suitcase, but when opened, users see a screen on a special arm. The company argues that the equipment is ideal for people who travel a lot and will be perfect for a holiday trip.

The StanbyMe Go display is a 27-inch 1080p LED screen that can be positioned vertically, angled or horizontally. A special “table” mode allows, among others, playing games on a touch screen. The suitcase contains not only a TV, but a whole mobile entertainment center.

The sound comes from a 20-watt speaker with Dolby Atmos, which is supposed to adapt to the orientation of the screen. There is also a built-in battery that allows for about 3 hours of watching without access to electricity. The creators also provided a special empty compartment for useful cables or accessories. The TV has an HDMI input, which allows you to connect consoles to it. Unfortunately, we would have to power them from an external power source, not from the suitcase battery.

LG StanbyMe Go – premiere of curiosity in August

The TV will be available only on the official LG website – the company has just opened pre-orders and prices the equipment at $ 1,000, which is just over PLN 4,000. Shipping is slated to begin as early as the week of August 28.

Although the price does not seem prohibitive, the actual usefulness of the equipment may raise doubts. In many product shots, the device is shown on the beach or in the bosom of nature. However, the manufacturer does not boast about how bright the TV screen is from the suitcase. Will it cope with glare and harsh sun? Sand or earth should also be mentioned here, which could get inside the arm mechanism or the TV itself.

The suitcase seems well padded and will probably withstand a lot of bumps. However, giving it to people packing luggage for the plane still seems a bit risky. Losing such a suitcase at the airport or having it stolen on holiday would be extremely painful. And if we go on holiday to a hotel – there is a TV set in almost every room. LG StanbyMe Go can be useful in theory when traveling with a camper or the so-called. road trip, but here its applications slowly end.

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